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Dec 17, 2008
Jan 21, 2008
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Dec 17, 2008
    1. Scourgewarper
      Hey fleshsniper,

      Basically I'm making a single player horror based level and need a main character that doesn't look like a futuristic cyborg :)

      I'm not too sure about rigging etc but i'm assuming a character could be modelled that could use current animation rigs so all I would need is a custom character modelled. I would be looking for a plain looking male character: black trousers, white collar shirt with sleeves rolled up, average head with short black hair.

      Basically my level will open with a matinee scene of him driving his car in a storm and crashing it. He will then emerge from the wreckage and walk to a nearby house - cliche I know but ah well :)

      This level is for my portfolio for a games designer job in a few months. I am currently in the UK and working on it fulltime (no job) so i'll leave it open to you to make an offer for what you would charge if you are interested in making this character model.

      Rick aka Scourgewarper
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