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Sep 14, 2014
May 26, 2004
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I am Gamer, hear me Pwn. RAWR

Flak was last seen:
Sep 14, 2014
    1. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Good morning, Flak! :)

      I'm doing fine, healthy and in good mood! Since yesterday, I play Bulletstorm finally. Singleplayer or multiplayer together with my family, it doesn't matter, this game is badass! I haven't play so much yet, but that's gonna take a change soon, hehe.

      Bulletstorm makes so much fun, in my opinion. If you ask me, Epic Games & People Can Fly have made a fantastic game! And my PC does like this game as well, because I still have a GTX260 and Bulletstorm runs great at full details, hehe!

      Oh yeah by the way, I also think, that this game is a success! :D

      Nevertheless, stay healthy and take care of yourself, Flak!

      Very Lovely Regards ~Chris
    2. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Good evening, Flak! It's already evening here in germany, but who's counting. The night is a good moment to do things as well. At least, in some cases.

      Anyway, I hope you are doing fine and in good mood. Health is most important in our life. If this is still working, everything works as well, otherwise...ehr there might be some trouble, hehe. Nevertheless, wish you best and stay healthy, Flak!

      Ah yeah, by the way...I can't wait to make a **** load of skill shots in Bulletstorm, hehe! Let's rock'n roll! :D

      In this sense, see you later! :)

      Very Lovely Regards ~Chris
    3. Flak
      Hi Al! :D <3
    4. Big-Al
      good post :D
    5. Big-Al
      Thank you Flak :)
    6. Flak
      LOL hi Chris :p
    7. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      ♥Doolidoo!♥ How are you ♥my dear♥? :-)

      I hope you are healthy & in good mood. :)

      ♥See Ya & keep in touch! :)♥

      VLR ~Chris ♥♥♥
    8. Flak
      I drew it in flash :)
    9. Kazimira
      OK i've got to know this as that pictures great how did you get such a cool picture for your avatar?
    10. Flak
      same to you?

    11. [VaLkyR]Anubis
      Hey Flak,how are you ?!:)

      Hope you are healthy and in good mood.Enjoy your life!:)

      See Ya!:-)
    12. Flak
    13. boogler
      i long for your sweet tender touch. :D
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