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Nov 22, 2008
Apr 4, 2005
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Your reward is that you are still alive

Anuban was last seen:
Nov 22, 2008
    1. Vaskadar
      Did you die or something? Haven't seen your posts at EE's or here in a while.

      I need some constructive criticism on my destructive weapons!
    2. RoninMastaFX
      Happy 1000th Post Anuban. :D
    3. Vaskadar
      Oh man, I've been running into spiderwebs all over the place when I come home on my bicycle. It's ridiculous how badly kept or poorly traveled the sidewalks are down here in florida. There was this one nasty spiderweb that almost made me crash, anyways, I'm seeing the Dark Knight this saturday. I'm not going to psychoanalyze crap like I usually do, so I hope to speak to you soon. Later.
    4. Anuban
      Cool! I am supposed to go and see it tomorrow afternoon ... I am really looking forward to it now. Usually I don't go the movies but for the Hulk I had to go and now this and I will probably go to see Hellboy 2. But I will wait for the Clone Wars saga to come to video. Man I am really getting tired of George Lucas just living off Star Wars but that is his thing I suppose. Peace. :)
    5. RoninMastaFX
      Just saw it today. It was pure ****ing 1337! :D I thought it couldn't have been any better. It was perfect imho. Still shaken up from it, but it is defanatly my third best movie ever! :)
    6. gregori
    7. Anuban
      Glad to hear man ... I am doing pretty good. I just got my 360 back so I am going to be playing some UT for the 360 later on tonight.
    8. RoninMastaFX
      Heya Anuban. :D

      I've had some time to relieve my depression. I am taking pills now which are helping me alot. :D I'm back to my ol' self. :D XD

      Anyway, I'm going to see the new Batman: Dark Night" Movie with my friend Tim sometime around the 21st or so. :) It looks awesome!

      Anyway, Hope you are healthy and in a good mood (damn, I sound just like [Valkyr]Anubis, maybe we are lost brothers or something XD)

      Take care m8. :)
    9. Anuban
      Me? I am not the one who has been really depressed ... hopefully things are going good for you today. :) Me I am just cooking some levels and testing today. Probably going to buy a new game for my PS3 since my 360 is in the shop. Maybe buy the HDDVD Trilogy of the Matrix which is on sale for $25 at Fry's ... yeah today should be a good day for me. You need to get out and get away from this unreal stuff for a little while man ... go see a new movie and give me a review. :) later.
    10. RoninMastaFX
      Sup Anuban? :D Hopefully everything is going good for you. :)
    11. Anuban
      I guess they don't have time and don't want to worry about when a person like me who has been cooking since the beginning is around and knows the process like the back of my hand. I am not sure I am doing them all but a good number of them. Also many of these devs don't have PS3s so they cannot test the cook to be positive it works. :)
    12. Peccavi
      Hey. So you're cooking the maps for everyone on the CBP3 project? If you don't mind me asking a silly question: how is it that the designer don't do it themselves?

      Are you doing the same for Plutonic's map?
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    "That's nothing, we have even had WarTourist (Jeff Morris, the man responsible for killing UT, ie, producer of UT3) coming here, and noting the people who had bad things to say about Epic/UT3, checking their profiles, then going back to the official Epic forums, checking for matches in user names and profiles, then banning those people, lol, what a man!!, what a Company!!!, what a Game!!!!"

    - Cliify_A