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Jul 7, 2000
Jan 10, 2000
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New Member, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Jul 7, 2000
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    Occupation: Human Eliminator/Sentinent Program

    Jumping across large buildings, punching into concrete, and chasing after Neo


    Dr.Koffman : "Mr.Bond, there is a red box in your car, and they can't get it so they want me to make you open it... I feel like such an idiot, I don't know what to say.."
    Bond : "heh"
    Dr.Koffman : "I am to torture you if you do not ya?"
    Bond: "You have a doctorine in that too?"
    Dr.Koffman : "No its more like a hobby.."
    Bond: "My cell phone opens the car.."
    Dr.Koffman: "I will do it Mr.bond..ya?"
    Bond: "Recall, 3 , send"

    **Dr.Koffman is shocked, and Bond grabs his pistol to his head*

    Dr.Koffman : "I am only a proffessional doing a job!"
    Bond: "So am I"
    *bang* *bang*