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Jul 22, 2017
May 1, 2001
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Nov 3, 1983 (Age: 36)
Home Page:
Over the street. With binoculars.

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Queen of BuFdom, 36, from Over the street. With binoculars.

_Zd_Phoenix_ was last seen:
Jul 22, 2017
    1. Eternus
      Gir... hell yeah!
    2. Synastren
      Yeah, things are going pretty well.
      I'm currently enrolled in a PhD program (cognitive psychology) in the middle of the US, married...
      Saying it like that, it makes it sound as if I've managed to actually accomplish things in my life. Weird. :con:
    3. Zenda
      Yooooooo Hoooooooo

      Hi Phoenix ... Not sure if I'll become an UberPoster, but I'm sidling back again. Not doing an 'I'm Baaaaaaaaaack' thread, cuz, I don't really know where I am! I look forward to catching up in greater depth but wanted to shout HI!

      All the best
    4. Nereid
      Happy birthday :crazydance:
    5. B
      AAAAAAARRGG!!! :mad::hmm::con: Wipeout is driving me nuts!!!

      There is timetrail where I can't beat the time for the gold medal. I've got to do 4 laps in 1.45.50 and my best so far is 1.45.60 Grrrr! tried it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and you say you like this?! It's torture I tell you!...TORTURE!! :mad:
    6. hyrulian
      Yo Phoenix :wavey:
      Where you been man? Miss you on IRC :p
    7. B
      Says who? :p

      It's not only cheaper but you also get to enjoy my awesome driving again :tup:(something a PS3 can't substitute for..)
    8. B
      I'm not stopping you to come over and play :)
    9. B
      what is this?! not even a response! no yucks or hmmmms ? I'm sorry to say but you're slacking. :shake:! :p
    10. B
      Since you're a fan of the show:


    11. Mister_Prophet
      You were gone for awhile. Welcome back :-D
    12. Kaligraphic
      I love you, Phoenix.
    13. B
      TALK TO US! :s
    14. _Zd_Phoenix_
      FaT CaM wins the summon me back to the internet competition! Unfortunately, now I'm going to have to rape him right up! :eek:
    15. FaT CaM
      FaT CaM
      I love you phoenix, come back to me and let us consumate our physical desires. (if that doesnt get your attention what will?!)
    16. gregori
      Where did you disappear to??
    17. Igoy
      Phoeniiiiiiiiiiiix. :(
    18. hyrulian
      Hey, where've you been? Miss talking to you! :(
    19. Big-Al
      yeah where are you????
    20. Igoy
      haven't seen you around for a while phoenix!
      hope you're good. x
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    Nov 3, 1983 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Over the street. With binoculars.
    I'm a twenty fou...um, nineteen yr old gay student at Oxford Brookes uni studying Politics and Philosophy. I believe in compassion above all else. However, second on the list is dismembering people who irritate me, so it could well be a flawed ethos.

    Interests? Erm ... willies. Does that count as a hobby too? Well it should :mad:



    The gay agenda is coming to GET YOU. Once we've figured out what the hell it's meant to be, anyway :hmm: Are nice shoes an agenda?