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New Profile Posts

  1. NeoNite
    NeoNite Balton
    Hey Balton, where are thou?
  2. creamyNUT
    Yes its the original creamy from [NUT] trying to find all my old clan mates and igpug and ut2k4 pug friends
  3. NeoNite
    NeoNite SkaarjMaster
    Hey Skaarjmaster, hi in 2021!
    1. SkaarjMaster
      Thanks, 2021 was tougher on me than 2020. I'll pop back in here sometime......hopefully before end of year. TY.
      Jul 21, 2021
    2. NeoNite
      Take care Skaarjmaster. It's been indeed testing times.
      Jul 21, 2021
  4. Cheecken
    Cheecken YellowFive
    Hello YellowFive!
    My name is Massimiliano Camassa and I am currently researching a game called "Reich" which was developed by UTV True Games. I and my team are working on videogame documentaries, this is our first one: https://youtu.be/p3TlKEqV5TM
    We found a post you made a while back on a thread about Paul Steed's passing. You said that you talked to him before, it would be cool if you messaged me back!
    1. YellowFive likes this.
    2. YellowFive
      Hi. It's been so long ago, I am trying to recall what we spoke about. I know we never published the interview because he had been taking jabs at the Epic folks and I felt like it would have caused more rifts between Epic and iD at the time. I can look through my things to see if I saved anything from that. Thanks for asking!
      Sep 26, 2020
  5. Balton
    Balton oosyxxx
    cant send pm's, its my nick plus the good ole gmail com ;)
    1. oosyxxx likes this.
  6. oosyxxx
    oosyxxx Balton
    email address?
  7. tbczeph
    tbczeph ]HoC[Omen
  8. tbczeph
    tbczeph DarkGeneral13
  9. tbczeph
    Hey we want to Play Unreal 2 XMP during the Pandemic!! 70 old Unreal 2 XMP players on this Discord Channel: http://discord.gg/UD9yTt2
  10. tbczeph
    tbczeph Manticore
    Hey we want to Play Unreal 2 XMP during the Pandemic!!

    70 old Unreal 2 XMP players on this Discord Channel:

    Please invite anyone you can remember / track down - its been 15 years!!
  11. »TWJ«RIkimaru
  12. Mr_CoolPro
  13. Balton
    Balton oosyxxx
    If you want I can send mike something over facebook. How've you been?
    1. oosyxxx likes this.
    2. oosyxxx
      I imagine Mike is busy with family and work, so it's okay.

      Have been fairly well. Holding down a job at least, really loved Red Dead 2 :)
      Aug 5, 2019
  14. BU2018
    Still playing Killing Floor in 2018...
  15. Morety
    Morety NRG
    TF2 FTW!
  16. Balton
    Balton maryfink
    I've approved your post. Lets hope you're not a bot.
  17. maryfink
    Hello! It's so great to be here!
  18. Cobra
    Cobra Manticore
    Great, guy. Keep it up dude!
    1. Manticore
      Jul 22, 2018
      Cobra likes this.
  19. RevBillyG
  20. Xenoyia
    Veteran UT99'er. 2008 was far too long ago.