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Old 23rd Dec 2001, 11:47 PM   #1
Cap'n Beeb
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As the embers reach to the skies and slowly flicker out, I think back on all the time weve spent here. At the base of the bonfire, silhouettes dance amongst the leaping flames, as if they were one, the way we used to dance. Now, youre gone, but just physically. I can still fell you in the wind, hear you in the ocean, smell you in the night. The gentle breeze of your laugh rushes through my hair, I could never forget you, for you are always with me, and Im always with you. In this world of darkness, your fire guides my path, keeping me safe and warm. Your flame will never die.

Thought I would tune things down abit from my usual writings and go a little softer.

Cap'n Beeb & Fizzil <3 for life.
Anaemic is a super stud.
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Old 23rd Dec 2001, 11:53 PM   #2
the real pacman
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Anyday now,
I'll be gone for good again.
The same firmiliar feeling,
with the same old tears,
which never fade away.

The day will come.
Look into my eyes one last time.
Remember how it was,
Remember how it could have been.
And remember you told me to go away.

I'll move on,
I'll find another love.
This time one who will stay
one who will hold me
and protect me from the deamons of the night.
Like you said you would.
And the one before you.

God please take away from me this Lament...
The pain is always there,
I try to forget,
The promises were all lies,
The love was just a masquarade.

Time and time again I said that I don't care
But everytime it matters, all my friends desert me.
I walk my beaten path.
In search for the one,
who will stay by my side,
who will hold me the way you said you would.

Perhaps not today,
But I'll survive anyhow.

I'll get by, I always have before...
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