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Old 18th Nov 2001, 10:56 PM   #1
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Unhappy Connectivity Problems

Alright. I've been a player of inf for quite awhile now, and consider the best mod I've ever seen.

However, as of late I have been having a severe problem with connectivity. Until maybe a week or two ago, I'd have about 100-150 ping on most servers. I still get the same numbers when pinging them in browser, but the second i join the number scales up continually until it reaches 2 - 4k. Obviously unplayable.

It does this will all servers. It's not my connection, I've tested my bandwidth and it comes up around its usual 100 kbps (I have cable). My friend, who lives a few blocks away, and has the same service, has no problems.

Occasionally the ping will drop into playable ranges, but never for long. I have scanned for viruses, cleaned my hd, and reinstalled both UT and INF. I have never had a problem with the game previously, so I'm guessing its something I installed/removed recently. I've tried running from a restart with anything non-critical disabled using msconfig.

The problem has increasingly gotten worse over the past few days, from usually being playable, to now never being playable. I have no clue whats up with UT/INF. The game doesnt stutter or jerk, I only get extreme delay. No packet loss.

Oh, and other games run fine, including Mechwarrior 4, Diablo 2, StarCraft, and Halflife. Normal UT has the same problem as INF.

Any possible sugestions on what could be causing this problem? Could it be a file I accidentally removed, or something else interfereing.

I doubt it's hardware, since it worked fine until recently, but jic, heres my specs:

AMD Duron 700
192 megs ram
Voodoo 5500 64mb vram (agp)
20 gig hd, 2 partitions (UT is on the windows side... the other is a backup)
Cable modem connected to standard 10/100 ethernet card
Windows ME

I have yet to test it using dialup.
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Old 19th Nov 2001, 11:35 AM   #2
Beta Tester for his own life
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I only played online once and had a ping of 500. Lousy third-world country!
I think you should reinstall ut and infiltration but: You shoul de-install, delete all and re-install. Donīt do this if you are not sure. I solved a problem doing that. Check if you have set the game to the proper bandwith. (An option in the main menu)
Does the problem started with 2.86 or you could play it and the problem started later?
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Old 19th Nov 2001, 11:43 AM   #3
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Join Date: Nov. 18th, 2001
Location: New York, USA
Posts: 3
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled UT/INF. I have also done this on my second harddisk, with no effect. As for a format, I planned on doing this soon, but I have no system backup (not even an OS disk). Its on that second partition (lousy damn compaq piece of...). As a side node, if anyone can tell me how to format only the one partition, that would be great . All I'm used to doing is F-Disk off the windows disk, then a complete reinstall of OS, drivers, then games.

This just started a week or two ago, all versions of inf worked before this. I don't really remember because at the time it was a minor annoyance fixed by rebooting. Now that doesnt help :/. I've already fiddled with the bandwidth, didn't help with any setting.

This morning it's working fine, so it leaves me to wonder is it's a problem with my isp. However, it seems strange that I should have this problem and my friend, who lives only a few blocks away with the same isp, does not.

I tried switching ethernet cables and modems, to no effect.

Well, I'm off to play now while it's working
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