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Old 16th Dec 2001, 08:05 PM   #101
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why, hello?
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Old 28th Nov 2003, 11:53 AM   #102
arreté pour detention de tomate prohibée
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i'll answer to the topic:

i don't like unrealism mods because i find fast paced mods with hardcore action too crazy for me. i like playing it but after one hour i start to be tired. its funny one moment but something lacks in it . its immersion. i can't relate. i have no fear of dying in such mods. i played UE4ever of something like that but after a few days i dropped it. i only like UT-CTF because i like beeing the man who always steals the flags and doesn't fear ennemies (suicide attack is funny )

i like Realisms mod because i always wanted a realism game.
when i was young i didn't played the cow boys and the indians or star wars but the resistance and the Germans. we didn't had tomahacks or laser rifles but grenades and rifles. (that must be because of my great fathers resistance stories ). i could relate more and Real life fights are realy more intense than all the ****ty Sci Fi fights. matrix ,star wars.. thats cool but not enough for playing a game during 5 years.

when i saw the first video game i already imagined my perfect game. and i found the closest game to the game i imagined when i was a kid...its infiltration.
current version doesn't has everything i imagined and inf 2.9 will not have everything i want.

what is more fun in a game like infiltration is that , as in real life , a smal action can have Big consequenses. in 0.2 secs you can be virtualy dead, or you can kill. thats intense. in most of the unrealism mods the fights last a few seconds.
here , a single man can kill 5 guys in a round , a single grenade can destroy half of your team. team kills happens often (friendly fire) , and its very funny


realism freaks like military movies too , its not only video games
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Old 28th Nov 2003, 03:21 PM   #103
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I dunno, you can send three guys flying with some of the unrealism weapons too. U4E for UT has Nuclear Arrows. It's not terribly realistic but it's great fun to unleash an arrow and watch it sail to exactly where you needed it to hit.... and then watch the resulting thirty explosions and to hear "M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL" blare out.

Different tastes I guess. The important thing is people having fun. HOW you do it shouldn't matter.
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Old 29th Nov 2003, 09:01 PM   #104
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That is the biggest necro-post I have ever seen - 2 years! =)

I love all kinds of weapons mods. There can be realism that annoys me (CS), and realism that rules (RO). On the unreality side, I don't like U4E, but ChaosUT 1 and 2 I am huge fanboys of. (and not in any way biased)

The Gravity Vortex in CUT2 is the most satisfying superweapon of any mod - especially used in a small map like Gael ^^
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Old 3rd Dec 2003, 08:15 AM   #105
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Originally Posted by Shuriken
The Gravity Vortex in CUT2 is the most satisfying superweapon of any mod - especially used in a small map like Gael ^^
My GOD you are one sick freak.
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Old 4th Dec 2003, 08:42 PM   #106
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Whoa - I missed this first time around, so I figure I'll add my $0.02CAN to it.

INF: Beyond the bugs, INF is good once you realize what it is. INF is not an FPS. INF is a simulator. It has more in common with the F22 Lightning series or the earlier MechWarrior games then it does with good old fashioned UT.

INF is for people who read Tom Clancy novels, armchair generals and the like. Because it takes itself seriously as basically a multiplayer conversion of Rogue Spear, it has my grudging respect.

Now, the rest of the other RL mods, especially in all their disgusting lack of variety, annoy the piss out of me. Those ones are for people who are too unimaginative to grasp unreal settings. They're people who just really, really want to run around with a Barett Light .50 and don't actually want to be annoyed with the realism - they just want things to _look_ realistic.

Those people are stupid. I've tried to shirk the issue other ways, but I give up. They're just dumb. They're deliberately trying to fool themselves - they want everything to look realistic, but that's just because they're minds are too bland to actually enjoy an artistic setting. They just want stuff to look familiar.

CounterStrike is popular because there are a bazillion people who want to pretend they're on an anti-terrorist team, but don't actually have the patience for a game that really simulates the experience. These games are not popular for good gameplay - they're popular simply because they're the game the gamers want, regardless of whether or not its fun.

Honestly, some of these pseudo-CS games have a good feel to them - but they're still boring. 60 of the same weapons, endless redundant media - its all so dreadfully dull. The only thing actually interesting I find that they bring to the table is fear. After all, you're essentially playing 1-life Instagib stuck on superslow - its all about panicly trying to insure that nobody has line-of-sight with you. The moment somebody even knows where you are, you're dead. And when you die, you wait. So death is scary.

Still for that appeal, I think the trappings of money and realism are just dumb.

Anyhow - Neme - I still think you get the Tomahawk a bad rap. Personally, as a sniper-hater I find it the ideal replacement for sniper rifles - its got the super-ultra-long reach of the sniper rifle, but none of the annoying gameplay of "lets make it impossible to cross the bridge just 'cause of all the sniper whores!". Face is actually _fun_ with it.
Single player is masturbation.
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