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Old 7th Dec 1999, 01:20 PM   #1
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I have an amd k6-2, 350mhz, with 16mb voodoo 3 2000 pci video card, and 128mb of ram.

With all options turned up and a resolution of 800x600 I usually average around 30 fps.
However, when things get a little hectic or grouped it usually drops sometimes hitting the teens for a second or so.

I REALLY WANT TO KEEP THE SETTINGS HOW THEY ARE so my question is: If I add more memory can I expect to hold the 30 fps steady. I,m pretty sure the fps won't go up, but it should keep it from dropping, am I right or wrong?

Would going to 256mb ram help, how about 384?

Anyone with similar configs please comment!
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Old 7th Dec 1999, 01:37 PM   #2
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not really. 128 is enough for UT. what i suggest is that you go into the advanced options (go to console and type Preferences) and in the game engine section, change CacheSizeMegs to at least 32, but i use 64 and it works great. this should stop alot of the hitching you get.

as far as details there are some things which hurt frame rate and arent even noticeable in a heated match. turn off coronas,volumetric lighting and shiny textures. you should see a nice fps boost right there.
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Old 7th Dec 1999, 01:43 PM   #3
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There are two kinds of data here: calculated and stored. The calculated data (where is the rocket? What part of the wall is hidden behind the explosion? Where will the body part fly?) is your limitation when you see the framerate start to drop, because there is too much stuff going on. A better CPU and video card will improve this.

Stored data is stuff like the code that is being executed, the textures (stored in RAM and in your video card), level layout, stuff like that. More RAM will improve this, improving load times, level change times, and cutting down on hitching while you load from the hard drive.

In short, more RAM won't improve your framerate during heavy action.

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