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Old 6th Oct 2001, 05:51 AM   #1
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Talking Questions

Ya I d/L the MapLogo do I have to put it in UT ....hhmmmm... like in the system??? And I had a map idea I always wanted to do but well Im just kind of a idea person, doing it is a different story. And do you guys and ladys(never really posted here before)dont know if theres lady's, you all ever need any help? Im on 24/7 and I have almost had to teach myself with the guys here that play online on my comps. Dont know much but if I was needed Id get it done somehow. Then I could pursue the things Ive always wanted to do but ya know my ideas were given freely but instead of us doing it they always tried on there own. I think Im a positive influence for UT and I think UT will have 1 or 2 ideas that have not been really hit on. think also it will bring people to the game. Tried in Starcraft.... PROTOSS!STBORN was 1 of the 1st to tell them that 1vs1 ladders was dead, and Meelee involved more people and made it more fun. Well every 1 laughed said I was a dumb ol,man and that was 2 years ago now my ideas are surfacing by the same people that laughed. And really that pisses me off. Oh ya....T-REX 1 ME-0 think he ate me........ I was just wondering....Thks Jack
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Old 9th Oct 2001, 09:18 PM   #2
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Ok, Jack.
I got your rude and poorly worded email.
You need to get a grip dude.

I didn't respond to your post because I don't understand it.
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