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Old 30th Sep 2001, 03:23 PM   #1
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infiltration maps....

I've been an infiltration player since way back when, back when it was just a set of weapons to use in UT maps. And I remember, that the thing I hated most about the UT levels with realistic weapons, was that the levels were made for people to just run around with rocket launchers, flak cannons, ect. The inf weapons are much more deadly, and levels in UT made it too easy for the game to move at an incredible pace.
Anyways, when the INF team started releasing their own maps, I noticed that they were all kind of enginered like UT maps, sort of large and cirlcling, so that people could run around for hours trying to find each other and frag the crap out of each other. The only UT levels I liked playing on were the UT assault maps, because you had a direction to go, it was actually planned out like a battle.. The way I think inf maps need to be designed. Instead of a huge death match, make it a mission..
Another problem with INF maps, most times, the team starts fairly scattered around. It would help team work, and help realism if the team started together.
another thing I've noticed, most inf maps seem like you got dumped into a abandoned town, and you have to fight.. Where are the burning buildings?? where are the crying children, burning cars, rubble from explosions?? I thought this was a war simulator... War is hell, the inf maps make it seem almost like counter-terrorism, but hey, if you're going for that CS map look, then go for it. But kosovo remains my favorite map as far as design goes, broken buildings, looks like a warzone, as much of the maps should look. The only problem with kosovo is how seperated the players are, and how square the map is, it just turns into a sniper haven.
well, despite my critisisms, I still love INF so don't get the wrong impression, and I do appreciate the talent that goes into the inf maps, I just think the designs could be nicer.
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Los Pescados
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We need to have our maps playable on a wide range of systems. That means no more than 200 polys in any given scene.. yes Kosovo is a great map but it is unplayable on lower and even some mid-end systems. But don't you worry.. we've made a recent acquisition that should guarantee some lÝveli low-poly war-town maps.

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Feeling suicide, thats O.K.
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How very; intresting........
"You like what you see, its hard to explain."- The Strokes
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