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Old 2nd Dec 1999, 04:37 AM   #1
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This post is pretty much directed towards ppl like IlIIllllI1, who are probably quite unaware of online gaming and fps games in general.

Guess what the most popular FPS game online is right now? Quake1/2/3? Nope. More people play half-life online than Quake1+Quake2+Quake3+UT combined. In fact, more ppl play HL:CS than Quake2+3. More ppl also play HL:TFC than Quake2+3. Just check the bottom every evening around 8 PM. (btw, the stats have NOTHING to do with whether or not ppl use gamespy or not to connect)..and UT is more popular than Q3 about 75% of the time I check.

These stats pretty much show that teamplay games (CTF, CS, TFC, TRIBES) dominate DM. Although I still play lots of DM in any shooter, I also play teamplay games. There's no denying that DM is relatively dead compared to team games; DM is mostly only for competitions and fun. Many DM players have moved onto team games at this point, and this exodus of ppl going from DM to games like CTF will continue.

Quake will never enjoy a healthy market share in online gaming. There reasons go beyond increased competition. First of all, it's not very user friendly. Although experienced gamers can do everything from the console, this is a very niche part of the market. Less than 20,000 can probably be considered in this group. The interface isn't really much better than Q2's was, plus the online game browser is weak by current standards. Second of all, the game is designed mostly for deathmatch. Big mistake by iD there. Even though there's CTF in Q3, the designers have pretty much said that there's no real focus in CTF in Q3. Frankly, 90%+ of online gamers don't give a rat's *** about deathmatch. In Quake1 and Quake2, the number of CTF/Team mod players far outstrip DM players. Even though there will certainly be mods for Q3, it's pretty hard to imagine they will gain popularity like HL:TFC due to Q3's not so great interface. Basically Q3 is only for ppl who tell themselves they will like the game and buy it. The average "gamer" reads gaming magazines for reviews and then buy games off the shelves (which represent a FAR GREATER portion of the people who buy games than ppl like you and I who do most stuff online) will probably be quite dissapointed with Q3. Q3 just lacks the fun factor that they want. At the same time, Q3 has lame things like loud footsteps, a shaft that does too much damage yet suffers from serious server-side lag, weak rockets, poor teamplay considerations, lousy air control, etc, that are see as rather unfavorable to the experienced hardcore DM player. John Carmack wanted to make the game newbie-friendly, but what he's done so far is neither friendly to newbies nor to experienced players.

UT, on the other hand, has all the things hardcore gamers and newbies like. It's got a slick interface (but there's still an usable console!), plus it has great teamplay options and modes. There are also things like controllable speed and air control to cater to advanced players. UT combines the fast action of Q1 with the weapon balance of Q2 and the creativity of Unreal very well. It's a game that plays very well in all modes. Plus the bots don't cheat like they do in Q3.

UT also has a great single-player ladder type game, which will certainly help newbies. The tutorial teaches the newbie to USE THE MOUSE. While the tutorial may seem ridiculous to ppl like you and me, remember the game's success is going to be based on how newbies cater to the game. UT is a game newbies will enjoy (so will many experienced gamers).

Since most ppl who buy games are ones who read magazines for reviews...there's no doubt that many magazines will give better reviews for UT than Q3. UT just offers much more for your typical gamer (who doesn't know what a circle strafe, rocket jump, gib, telefrag are). Magazines will look at Q3, praise it's wonderful curved surfaces and models, then rant on how boring and stale it feels to play. More ppl will certainly buy UT, even if Q3 gets more hype. (Hey more ppl bought unreal than Q2, even though Q2 was certainly more popular online...ppl tend to buy games for single player experience rather than online...although now times have changed, online gaming has certainly gained tremendous momentum).

Q3's system requirements are also a big turnoff. Why most experienced gamers certainly have the hardware to run any game, that's not try of your average gamer which make up 80% of the game's sales. Although I feel Q3 runs better than UT on a very fast machine, UT runs better than Q3 on a slower machine. At least UT WILL RUN. The fact that Q3 requires 3d acceleration with OpenGL already turns off lots of potential buyers (not all buyers of FPS games have good 3d acceleration!).

So even if you prefer Q3, there's no denying which game will sell more copies and have more ppl playing online in several months.

I highly suggest reading this article by Dennis Fong...aka Thresh. I'm sure you've all heard of him.

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Old 2nd Dec 1999, 11:26 AM   #2
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Good points, interesting article. Nothing wrong with playing quake but you gotta give credit to the boyz at epic.

You got a problem with what I gotta say? Click here please.

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Old 2nd Dec 1999, 12:25 PM   #3
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No doubt very good points made. CTF is the bomb! It's all I play online. For bragging rights with my friends I'll play DM on my lan but that's about it.

I do feel as though Q3 is the purest form of deathmatch but like you said.....CTF RULES! And thats what pretty much everyone wants to play.

I can't believe that Q3 only ships with 4 ctf maps is this true? What are they idiots?

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Old 2nd Dec 1999, 12:54 PM   #4
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Good points about the interest in team based games. I think that is the one glaring difference between the two games.

With the popularity of Tribes and TFC, I believe the people have spoken.
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Old 2nd Dec 1999, 02:13 PM   #5
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you make good points and i agree UT will be successfull, but how can youclaim that Q3 is going to be essencially nothing? I prefer UT, but there is a tremendous Quake following. Those stats about who's playing what are somewhat skewed. Q3A is only a test. Q2 is old. Halflife is the latest and greatest and I'm sure there are many quakers playing HL who can't wait to get their hands on Q3A. It would be the same thing as saying how many people are playing unreal on line right now. Not many. Opinions are one thing, and I havemy own, but let's be fair. Even though I know this is a UT forum, if you must bring up Q3, be objective.
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Old 3rd Dec 1999, 01:06 AM   #6
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Regarding the huge following Quake has: I think it's more appropriate to think that Quake used to have a huge following, when it was the only online shooter in town. Quake3 is mostly a deathmatch type game, and most people who regularly play Half-Life or Tribes are not the type of people who will be playing Quake3 a great deal.

Quake3 will not convert HL and Tribes players unless there's some awesome mod that comes out for it.
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Old 3rd Dec 1999, 01:24 AM   #7
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Excellent points. One caveat: while the bots in Q3 do seem to cheat with near-perfect aim and absurd dodging abilities, the bots in UT don't exactly get a clean bill of health in these areas. Anyone who's been chased by a UT bot wielding a plasma gun in Skilled level or above knows what I mean. I wish I could get my plasma gun to arc around corners and follow opponents behind walls. I also wish I could convince half my opponents in an online deathmatch game to gang up on one player from three different angles. I suppose I'll have to practice at these things.
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