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Old 23rd Aug 2001, 04:02 PM   #1
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I can't wait for U2... and other stuff

The whole gamelooks god-dam amazing! I really think this will be a land mark game as was the first.

Currently I am involved in editing for Undying (see for my maps -and others) but when U2 comes yahoo!!! I'm gone.

Sorry I don't have any other information but just needed to say it. Also what's all this sh1t on the boards about U2 vs X or Y who cares????? What a load of cr*p. I personally couldn't give a rat's ass as each game is different and both Planetside and Doom 3 will rock too, that's not a problem, that's good.

The more decent games out there the better, so stop your whining and lets have some positive posts on U2 (and other games on the appropriate boards)

UNREAL - I CAN'T WAIT! (repeat to fade)
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Old 23rd Aug 2001, 04:59 PM   #2
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yeah, we should make an official can't wait/u2 rocks thread
cause we'r going to get a lot of those in a few months i suppose
i completely agree with you on the u2 vs x or y game
i mean, epic lads won't be pleased about that, since they are trying to make on of the original games out there, and then you'r trying to compare it with something else
witch you can't cause you have never played u2 be4, and a couple of screenshots don't show the fps, gameplay, or excitement in a game
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Old 24th Aug 2001, 01:57 AM   #3
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Join Date: Jun. 8th, 2001
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Thumbs up I remember....

I remember when I first played Unreal 1... WOW I had just bought my Voodoo2 and I nearly shat myself when I saw it. I distintly remember the movement in the maps such as the birds and rolling sky.

I spent ages just walking around looking at things saying (honestly I remember saying it to my father) " this unreal...." haha.

So I agree with you that we have seen stills from Unreal2 not moving sences I utterly can not wait for video from Unreal 2 as I'm sure it will rock big style. Especially with the particle system.

Also I kind of trust Legend/Epic to make a kick ass game as they did with UT (and Legend with WoT, especially the map design).
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Old 24th Aug 2001, 01:18 PM   #4
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Bluefunk its really noy a bad thing having a comparison between U2 and other upcoming games. Just so long as the points discussed (and debated) are sensible and made in a logical way.
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Old 25th Aug 2001, 09:56 PM   #5
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