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Old 21st Aug 2001, 05:18 PM   #1
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Take control of bots!


I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but it would be great if a dead player (ghost) could take control of any living bot soldier. That would make bot play more interesting and not force players to sit around if only bots are left (and you don't want to have to vote to reset). Perhaps if a ghost is viewing from a bot's perspective they could hit USE key to possess the body.
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Old 21st Aug 2001, 05:24 PM   #2
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don't get killed so fast and there won't be a problem.
j\k but really i like it the way it is.
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Old 22nd Aug 2001, 05:57 AM   #3
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Old 22nd Aug 2001, 05:37 PM   #4
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I think you are just to lazy to just vote reset.....
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Old 22nd Aug 2001, 06:02 PM   #5
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Originally posted by -reaper-
hmmm...isn't having the bot play by itself just as unrealistic? Honestly, it does not sound like a bad Idea to me.

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Old 22nd Aug 2001, 07:00 PM   #6
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For offline single player game, I think this a good idea.

Better than reset the round.
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Old 23rd Aug 2001, 01:22 AM   #7
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I was thinking about doing a little mutator for this (in a few weeks time - I've got a Uni project to fail first ) complete with your view rising up out of your corpse and zooming across the map into the body of a comrade bot (kind of like messiah). I use Captain Pathetico's Impatience mutator with all of my offline playing (Why would I want to sit around and wait for the bots?) so I thought this would be a nifty upgrade to that...(offline only obviously) dunno how difficult it would be, I haven't really thought about it that much yet
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Old 23rd Aug 2001, 10:03 AM   #8
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Ok , thought I through it ,its really a good idea....
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Old 23rd Aug 2001, 06:11 PM   #9
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Yeah, that would be cool for offline play.

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