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Old 27th Jun 2001, 10:22 PM   #1
Free Your Mind... You Have to let it all go..
Join Date: Jun. 27th, 2001
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Exclamation I know there's a MODSQUAD forum for this but its TOO GOOD OF AN IDEA TO BE MISSED!!!!

Okay, those of you who are big fans of the Matrix and of the Matrix Moves mod for Unreal Tournament... Here's an idea to make it EVEN BETTER. Do we all remember how in the movie The Matrix the agent dodges Neo's bullets on the rooftop?? Where he looks like there's three of him?? Well, me and my friend were thinking... wouldn't it be so much fun to be able to do that in Unreal Tournament??

Here's my idea:
To make it so that you can move the upper body in a direction without the rest of the player moving, designate a key to lock the player in place. Now with the player locked by HOLDING DOWN the designated key, you can press any of the corresponding directional keys (either left, right, or back) to bend the torso in that direction... either to the left side, right side, or lean almost all the way back. That's it. That's all that this update to the Matrix Moves Beta Mod requires, as well as to be compatible with Matrix Moves and the Lazy Matrix Mods.

Just think of all the possibilities this idea can bring about. Imagine dodging close range bullets fired from an enforcer during the Lazy Matrix "Slow Down"... how amazing and fun would that be?? I really hope this doesn't get slept on because the possibilities are endless. I hope someone with the intelligence and mod-creating skills (unlike me) will see this and make it one of the best things for Unreal Tournament ever.

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Old 27th Jun 2001, 10:46 PM   #2
The Dopefish
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Very cool idea, but (and don't take my word on this because I'm not exactly what you'd call a UT coding know-it-all) that would involve some heavy duty model animation and coding to allow models to bend like that.

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Old 28th Jun 2001, 12:05 AM   #3
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with all due respect my brutha, did you think this one through all the way? ok some homie runs up to me and starts blasting me with his enforcer. i'm going to skip the part about why someone would be running around with just an enforcer shooting at me in the first place. i have seen guys run around and do that...they are called "newbies" and they run very sporadically and they get blown off the server. ok so here i am with this guy blasting me with his pea-shooter so now i decide to do the matrix move. i bend over backwards and start going left and right standing in the same place. i'm not moving around but i'm just sitting there doing this move. even the enforcer retard is going to know enough that all he has to do is sit there and shoot me in the nads of wherever. also i would like to point out that i'm not shooting back at him. i am basically target practice for this fool. what is said newbie is sporting flak? i'm having a big slice of hot Shrapnel Pie.
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Old 28th Jun 2001, 01:54 AM   #4
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yeah, i'd sit and watch buddy convulse for a few seconds, but him standing in place is only going to draw the attention of my rocket launcher
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Old 28th Jun 2001, 02:01 AM   #5
Free Your Mind... You Have to let it all go..
Join Date: Jun. 27th, 2001
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Understood... but have y'ever used the Lazy Matrix Mod?? Because if y'had then y'would realize that Enforcers can do head shots, and the double enforcer is just as powerful as any other weopon in the mod. Second, in the Lazy Matrix Mod, everything slows down for a period of time and everything is sort of in a "Slow Mo", like in the Matrix, SOOOO during this time, even flak cannons, rocket launchers, miniguns, you name it could be dodged.

Also, with the Lazy Matrix Mod, bullets and everything else move slightly slower than normal, followed by those circular rings (like in the movie) providing you with more opportunities to dodge them.

Here's an example of when the Matrix Moves/Lazy Matrix add-on would increase excitement and gameplay fun:
Say you're playing a one on one deathmatch with your friend with the Lazy Matrix Mod (which makes bullets,etc fly well as include a periodic "Slo Mo" interval of about 15 seconds) and the Matrix Moves Beta 4 Mod (which allows the player to run up, down and along walls, freeze in midair, backflip, frontflip and sideflip) enabled. You are playing at the Deck16 map. As you run around the area with your shock rifle you turn the corner into one of the wide, long corridors that the map includes and you see your friend, armed with a minigun at the other end. He stops at the end of the corridor just as the "Slo Mo" interval begins and he starts shooting numerous bullets in your direction. The minigun lets off tons of flying, yet slow motion bullets covering a radius slightly larger than your body. Because the Lazy Matrix "Slo Mo" period is underway, you can see each bullet as it flies toward you. Now, wouldn't my idea come in handy as you slo-motionly dodge bullet by bullet by moving your torso in a number of directions??? And once the speed increases again, you can get back to the no-style, blitzkrieg fashion of UT we all know and love.

I suggest y'download the mod if y'havent already and then you will realize how much of an addition my idea would be. And then you'll have some sort of basis of which to discuss my idea on, because right now y'have none. If y'haven't played the mod, along with the Matrix Moves Beta 4 mod, I suggest you do, and quickly... because it makes UT such an amazing experience.

Oh well, i dont think the Model animations would have to be that complex...just as long as there were more transparant images of the torsos in different positions after every move... like in the Movie..

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Old 28th Jun 2001, 04:11 AM   #6
long gone
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The actual model blending stuff sounds terribly hard, and anyway because of the way UT does collisions I doubt that you could dodge anything. In UT collisions are done with a cylinder, so whatever shape you bend into, it won't help much.

I think that it's a great idea, but it will need to be changed to suit our limited technology. UT isn't as versatile as the Matrix...

In Matrixmoves, you can hold crouch in mid air to freeze. My suggestion: While 'freezing' like this, allow players to move slightly. You could let them press arrow keys to move in a direction, then make them pull back to where they were.

One thing which would be similar to what you want would be making the player lie down in mid air. I don't know how easy it is, but you could rotate the player so that his feet face his enemy, making a tiny target area. If you could dodge left and right while doing this, you probably could aviod bullets. Especially if your view kept looking at your opponenent. Exteral view will probably be neccessary.

And about not firing back - You could let the player fire while dodging, leading to interesting shoot-outs. But that might be silly. Another idea: Make bullets take off 40 health. Now, if a swarm of shots come towards you, you dodge first and shoot later. Especially in LMS.

If the enforcer had a slower refire rate it would work better. And you would have to do something about players running up to you while you are dodging and getting you point blank.
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Old 28th Jun 2001, 04:47 AM   #7
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Doing the models wouldnt be overly hard.. but Im with madmonk on this one. Its a nice idea but it does not improve playability any. In fact if I made the player model walk up to the enemy and wiggle its bum in his face as if to say "shoot me" it would have the same effect. Sorry, but its a nice idea in theory... in practice it isnt
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Old 30th Jun 2001, 12:02 AM   #8
Free Your Mind... You Have to let it all go..
Join Date: Jun. 27th, 2001
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To all of you who say that this idea wouldn't work out...please download the Lazy Matrix and Matrix Moves mods and then tell me it wouldn't make it 100 times better... the Matrix Moves mod y'can get through here and the Lazy Matrix Mod i know y'can get through in the downloads sections... they're not big downloads so do it..

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Old 30th Jun 2001, 12:07 AM   #9
The Dopefish
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Join Date: Apr. 17th, 2000
Location: Springfield, MA, USA
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The point is, Matrix, that it's simply not doable.

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Old 30th Jun 2001, 12:21 AM   #10
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Well if (not likely) any mod makers read this thread, I have an idea that is _relatively_ simple to make if you've made client-side mods before (usaar33? ).
a mod that only keeps dynamic lighting on flags in ctf and on damage amps. dynamic lighting costs about 10 fps and ctf is hardly playable without it. obviously, the focus is on improving performance, not just hiding the lights of weapons and such.
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