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Question installing pcx skins?

i have just downloaded some .pcx skins and no readme was supplied, can someone tell me how to install them?
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This is how I go about it, a little screwy

Open UEd, Select the Textures (on the right) if not already selected.

Click Load and select DMEffects.utx.

Click import and select the PCX, when the prompt comes up select a name, leave group blank. Write the name down.
Hit save, then save as (depending on what model its for) <model>customname.uxt (ie: Male1newskins.uxt)

Now hit load again and select Male1newskins.uxt
Delete the original DMEffects texture and import any other skins you have, rember to write down the names.

Click save, save as Male1newskins.uxt and quit UEd.

If you want to see the skin in the player setup screen you need to make an .int file.

Easiest way is top open an existing one. reads:

Just change it to
Object=(Name=Male1newskins."your skin you wrote down",Class=Texture)
Object=(Name=Male1newskins.."your 2nd skin you wrote down",Class=Texture)

Save it as


-feels like I've written a little tutorial on skin importing, wow, I have
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