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Old 5th Jun 2000, 01:20 PM   #1
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"Endurance" and Stopping Power

Well, this one is kind of relative to the "Stopping Power" thread, but off-topic enough to need its own subject. I think regardless of what type of armor, even if it doesn't penetrate, the round(s) are still going to hurt like the dickens and possibly knock the wind out of the victim.

Which brings me to the "Endurance Level" Infiltration is going implement to manage running (see roadmap). I think it would be neat to use this to also reflect a kind of "stunning" when someone gets wounded, but not outright killed, by a wound. The damage could be debited from an "Endurance Reserve" and as it is depleted, cause a variety of things like:

Knock down (just a drop to ground, no Action movie flailing)
unable to fire
movement slowed
black out (black screen for a few seconds)
any combination of the above.

The endurance meter, unlike health, could be replenished itself with time and rest (not moving or moving slowly).

Of course, usually I am just outright killed by the first volley, so none of this would pertain to me (grin). I just figured it would be a pretty neat addition to the bleeding, loss of limbs and other concepts planning on being implemented, not to mention a bit realistic.

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Old 5th Jun 2000, 02:20 PM   #2
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Depends on the armor you're wearing; a hit on soft armor will not do you much good because the impact energy is quite localised on your body, but I've seen a video of someone shot with a .308 rifle at close range wearing hard armor, with no effect other than a little dent in the plate it hit.

Plus, of course, in the heat of battle we tend to block out many of the normal damage response mechanisms of the body; there have been many reports of soldiers without armor who continue fighting unaware that they've been shot several times, and some who've continued fighting only to drop dead from their wounds as soon as the battle ended.
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Old 5th Jun 2000, 06:42 PM   #3
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hey, i think there were some cases in ww2 where people were stil fighting oblivious to the fact they were missing limbs

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Old 6th Jun 2000, 09:17 AM   #4
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While I am sure some combatants are so full of adrenaline they "forget" they have lost limbs and suffered major trauma to continue the fight, the more common occurance is to suffer shock and inaction soon after the wound.

Not everyone, including trained military, has psychological over-rides. Our hospitals witness more patients that simply die from the shock of what would be considered minor wounds - a bullet wound on the foot with comparably little blood loss, loss of one knuckle's worth of finger and other non-arterial wounding.

My father, a police officer in Miami, states that it is better to shoot someone than stab them for the simple reason that you can stab someone a dozen times and they'll still be aggressive, they will maybe die later, in a hospital, but that won't help you while you are still in an alleyway trying to defend yourself against them. The concussive trauma a bullet wroughts, however, will be more likely to stop the fight quicker. Different types of ammo load and hand guns / rifles clearly enhance or decrease this.

I just thought an "endurance meter" in-game would allow further distinction of the kinds of weapons and the trauma they generate. Heck, it would even allow distinctive damamge from different types of ammo loads, should a variety make it into the mod.

Just my opinion, though. What the hell do I know? I've never been blasted (though slashed a bit).

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