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Old 30th Aug 2000, 11:50 PM   #1
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and i'm spent

ok guys, i need some help. the past few days i've spent making all these really nice terrains and shooting bots in em, but i don't know what to put in them...i'm guessing you guys really don't want me releasing empty terrains. anyway, any suggestions of what to put in em?


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Old 31st Aug 2000, 06:01 PM   #2
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put some things in them, oh yeah and some stuff too. Don't forget a couple of whatchamacallits and a dohicky or two.

Seriously though, maybe put the remains of a village that's been bombed out, and put some water features in, like a swamp or some ponds and stuff.

Bunkers are good too, just be careful how you use M2-50s, not too many maps use them well.

I wonder if in one map you could put in a train track that goes from tunnel to tunnel, and a train goes along it once in a while.

crashed planes are always cool too

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Old 31st Aug 2000, 06:08 PM   #3
Torque Wrench
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There's your usual terrain features, rocks and logs (tree stumps). How about tents are car parts - tires, steering wheels, panels, etc.

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Old 2nd Sep 2000, 09:46 PM   #4
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hey zundfold, don't you think doohickies are a little played out? it seems like every map has one of them. right now im working on a whole wartorn look for my map... try something like that. and whatever you do make it in the daytime.. night maps are getting old.

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