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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 07:57 AM   #1
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My Unreal Tournament (or my computer) must have some bug because the game freezes when I try to load the “Eternal Cave” level, in CTF.

How can I skip this level so I can keep playing the game?


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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 08:05 AM   #2
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There's no real way to "skip" a level as the game isn't really linear, there are a lot of other console commands that might help you though...try (no guys, I'm NOT promoting cheating, but just to use it if there is no other way )

Hope this helps.

P.S. Timed lockups are often also the result of using a h4x0red copy, I tried that for a few times but my computer auto-rebooted after about 5 minutes for some reason
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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 08:05 AM   #3
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In the SP Ladder, you can't skip it. In practice matches all you have to do is take it out of the map rotation.
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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 11:24 AM   #4
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Might be a missing file that won't load it up. But if it is freezing up I doubt that you would get a error message because you have to reboot. Try reinstalling UT and see if it corrects itself.
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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 11:47 AM   #5
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There is a way to skip any and all levels on the SP Tournament.

See This thread
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Old 23rd Feb 2001, 05:16 PM   #6
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I have the same problem, well kind of...

I could not play the cave map online. If a server had it and I try to go to it, the UT would crash. Of course I had no problem playing it as Single player. One day I went and remove the map. ever since, even though I have replace the map (Not reinstall), The Ctf cave does not work anymore, which a good think, since I don't like that map anyway!!!!

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Old 24th Feb 2001, 05:19 AM   #7
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The problem is your sound card.
You must press TAB
Then type "Preferences"
Go to "Audio" options
And set "Reverb=False"
This will stop the crashing.
Some sound cards lock up on levels with a lot of echo added to them. Eternal Caves is one of those levels.

If that doesn't work, also set Audio-->Spacial to false, and Audio-->Filter to false.

Although I suspect the Setting Reverb=False will solve the problem.
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