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Old 2nd Feb 2001, 10:21 PM   #1
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I recently purchased an Elsa Gladiac Geoforce GTS video card upgrading my Voodoo2. I purchased this with the sole purpose of playing UT in a better resolution. I, unfortunately cannot increase my resolution to anything higher then the 1024x768 I already had. Could someone please tell me how to increase this setting.
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Old 2nd Feb 2001, 11:21 PM   #2
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When you right click on the desktop in windows and select properties than settings, what value can you select for screen size?

What size monitor do you have?
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Old 3rd Feb 2001, 02:02 AM   #3
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I have a 17" monitor it allows me to only go to 1024x768. I was curious if the monitor had anything to do with it. If it does it is going to coast me $500 + to play UT in better resolution.
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Old 5th Feb 2001, 09:44 PM   #4
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Posts: 54 much more resolution do you need than 1024x768. I also have a 17" monitor and I'm only running it at 960x720 and I'm 3 feet from my monitor. If your monitor only supports up to the 1024x768 then thats all you get. Make sure your using a current driver for it. If you have the wrong one then thats your problem. I know thats the case with mine. I think also that if you reduce your refresh rate you can then increase your res? Let me know
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Old 5th Feb 2001, 10:06 PM   #5
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It's your monitor.

Have a look in the manual and see if you can find any specifications on what rez it can handle. With a bit of luck, you may only need to change the driver. What brand/model monitor is it and what device driver is windows using for it? Er, you are running Windows aren't you?
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