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Old 26th Dec 2000, 12:18 PM   #1
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Okay, quick question, how would i turn a quake3 model and put it into UT? I already have it downloaded, can anyone give me a quick walkthrough? Thanks!
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Old 26th Dec 2000, 12:58 PM   #2
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You can't just import the model into UT. Every model has to have some script written for it. You would have to ask someone who knows or go to a model web site. I have no idea, I'm a mapper....
They need to have a mapping section and a skin/modeling section....
Besides... you would probably need the creator of the model's permission to import it.
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Old 26th Dec 2000, 03:12 PM   #3
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I dont know how to import Q3 models to UT but maybe the dude from this site: does.

He already has imported the "Visor" and "Crash" models into UT. By the way those Q3 models rock ass . Hope the "Doom" player model he intends to convert to UT comes soon this week. Yeah!

Well I hope that helped. Ask the guy over at that site I just mentioned and see if he can help you.
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Old 26th Dec 2000, 06:45 PM   #4
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It is quite difficult to convert the models. If it can be called converting. It's rather re-creating, because you have to get back to the "appearance stage" of the model creating process and start turning it into a Tournament model. It is done by converting the model (preferably 3ds or Milkshape format) into a .3d and .a3d (for anims) file and then do the scripting part (hard).
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