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Old 13th Dec 2000, 05:06 PM   #1
V DogSoldier
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Oka i bought UT today for the second time and i installed and everything went to FilePlanet and saw that a newer patch had come out.(When i frist bought the gane, the patch was at 420)But anywho, to the problem at hand.I DLed the patch and i clicked it to run the patch and a window popped up and it said "This program cannot be ran in DOS mode".

Whats the deal with this??I thought most UT files where UMOD format?So has anyone got a fix for me on this??PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!
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Old 13th Dec 2000, 05:10 PM   #2
The Farterator
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The current patch is 436.

You install the game. When you click on the patch, ensure your cd is in the drive. It should auto-install.

If it doesn't, you should try to re-download the patch as it may have been a corrupt download.

Let us know how it goes.
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Old 14th Dec 2000, 12:34 AM   #3
Dark Disciples
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Cool I had the same problem when I first dloaded 436

But when I went back to fileplanet and looked...there are like three versions of the patch....I downloaded the server one I advice I can give is to go back....double check which version you dloaded...and dload the right one.....or redownload the one you got and try a re-install

hope this helps

...till the bitter end
Dark Disciples
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Old 14th Dec 2000, 12:38 AM   #4
V DogSoldier
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Join Date: Dec. 13th, 2000
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Talking Thanxs!

Well i guess you guys where right.After trying the DL again, i got the file to work.I guess the first time was a bad/corrupt download.

Thanxs guys!!
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