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Old 30th Nov 2000, 04:21 AM   #1
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Why is it that more and more people keep saying that there are players out there that identify themselves with this Forum who are a bunch of whiny b1tches?

Now, I'm not saying that everyone is doing this...the people here are the best around. It's just a few. And it makes the rest of us look bad.

You know, that's the risk you take when you identify yourself with a group of people...everyone's actions are taken as a whole. But correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we all for the best in gaming? Isn't that what everyone always says when new people come by?

Posting gripes in the forum is one thing. It's our house. But making a fool of yourelf on public servers does nothing but drag us all down.

So the next time you're out there playing, and you're advertising this forum by using PuF in your name...before you whine about this and that, use llama tactics or just be annoying, remember that all of us have to hear about it when we play.

Anyone feel differently? Because this place belongs to all of us.

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 04:43 AM   #2
habitual line stepper
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I agree hal. When I added |PuF to my name, I did so believing that it would mean I was going to be held to a higher standard when playing online games. I was very conscious about that decision and I had to question whether or not I thought I would be able to live up to the |PuF standard. Some people here might think that is a load of crap, but if thats how you feel, then you are not really representing |PuF and should not be wearing the tag. This is a cool community and I think that most people around here are cool! Maybe this type of situation should get all of us who wear the tag, to think about how we conduct ourselves and the kind of image we are projecting for PuF as a whole. If some of us can't handle the responsibility, then we should take off the tag, at least in games online so that the whole of PuF isn't judged by the actions of a minority few! RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE it is now 4:47 AM!

I will preach Heaven and beat the hell out of you!
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 05:06 AM   #3
Old Fart
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Here! Here! Well spoken lads.
Logic separates us from animals. Reasoning by emotion makes you an idiot.

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 05:25 AM   #4
Tetris L
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I still don't wear the PuF tag on public servers, so I'm allowed to behave like an *******?!
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 05:40 AM   #5
Retired from UT2004
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I agree with you hal.
When I decided to put the PuF-tag after my name, I had been in this forum for a while and I liked the attitude here.
As I_B_Bangin', I considered if I could live up to the standard, but now I know I can.
But how do we protect the good reputation of PuF?
Someone who is a 'real' PuF'er, or think he is, can flip out and bacame an a$$hole.
Someone who don't like us can fake a name, put on the tag, and start behave as a real llama just to drag us into the dirt.

You can't force a player to take off the tag.
One idea I had was to have a special section on the llama farm with people who wear the PuF-tag and acts like idiots. Just to show other that we are aware of the problem and deprecate everyone who acts like llama and wear the PuF-tag.
Hopefully that section would allways be empty.

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 07:10 AM   #6
A legend in his own mind
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Join Date: Feb. 9th, 2000
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I completely agree Hal...

It does reflect on us. Every time a new poster wants to add PuF to his nick, I always let them know that.

I'm sure there are very few PuFfers that act like jerks online. Except for the llama farm idea, and maybe confronting the culprits in here. I'm not sure there is anything else we can do.

There are so many more of us that show good sportsmanship online. The online community has a better chance of running into one of us, than one of the jerks.


I'm trying to think, but nothing happens - Curly Howard
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 08:39 AM   #7
Registered User
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I second your motion as well Hal.
I don't personally wear the PuF tag, I know it's not a requirement, it's just a personal decision. But when I see other PuFfers on servers I do expect a higher level of play.
Not necessarily skill level, although most PuFfers are 1337 , but I expect a higher level of sportsmanship, and non-llama like players.
I havent experienced any 'bad' PuF wearers yet, but if I do I'll be sure to give them a Deemer Enema

[Ci]o0pIumM-=Kickin the Funk that smells like Skunk=- 311
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 11:20 AM   #8
PH34R TH3 WAnk??
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Join Date: Mar. 17th, 2000
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i still don't wear a PuF tag, but most people recognize me from here anyways i don't play that much anymore, but my experience with playing with puffers has always been good. sheer numbers dictate that there will be a few people sporting the tag who will not hold up to the standards some people have, and unfortunately it does reflect on us. i don't think it is necessary to confront them publicly on the forum though. we don't want to drive away people from our community here just because they were complaining or called someone a "fag" or something. have one of the mods send them an email and tell them to shape up. public humilation isn't fun :P
ummmm WAnk??
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 11:32 AM   #9
Magically Delicious
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Location: Edmonton Alberta CANADA!
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I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!
now I'm pretty sure I'm not one of those llamas or complainers. I've seen ]LOL[ players on my favorite pub and every once and awhile I see the odd PuF player (kamikazee) and I try to act like a reasonable human being and only complain about spawn snipers and killers and I haven't run into anyone that has complained about a PuFFer yet so go PuF!!!

side note:I pimp my pub server (below) all the time and if I'm on chat I'm probaly in that server if I'm not talking so come check my play and my aditude out I'm not sure I might even be one of those llamas

another side note:If I am I'm sorry I really am
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 11:47 AM   #10
The Farterator
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I didn't know that was your server Merlin. I like it and have it on my fav's.

It took me a while of being here before I decided that PuF was good enough to add to my name. It was the sportsmanship, maturity, and willingness to help people out that made me decide I'd sport the tag. These were all actions taken by the members of this forum that I strongly agree with. Let me not forget the sense of humour.

Of course, Gueryella sports the PuF tag. Nothing can be done about crap like that.

If you decide to sport the tag, please do not embarrass what PuF stands for in (most of) our minds.

I like to fart, feels good. But the older I get, the less confidence I have when doing so.
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 12:23 PM   #11
Raden's Avatar
Join Date: Aug. 10th, 2000
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Maybe nothing can be done about Gouryella wearing the PuF tag but everyone knows what he is all about anyway. Lame beyond belief. I don't think he can reflect on us cause everyone knows about him.

I personally choose not to wear the tag in games or IRC, even though I am probably the one who likes a fair game the most.

Another reason I don't wear the PuF tag in a game: I suck at UT online period. People look at PuF tags and might think "oh he is a good player" cause face it, there's a lot of them here. No names, I don't have that much time. But I am terrible online, and so I feel I'd be dragging that down if I used the tag.

Now don't try to get me to change my mind or anything, and please don't tell me that I don't suck cause I do and I know it. It doesn't bother me... because I know that I, like many other PuFfers, am in it for the fun. I don't complain if my team loses. I don't complain when I come in last in a DM. Fact is, I play for fun unlike a lot of people on public servers. And I don't complain.. I might not make many kills but when I splatter someone with an IH, especially someone good, it makes me feel good. I don't give a rat's @$$ if (when ) I lose, I have fun. And too many people don't see that.

For example, the only public server I really go to is Crash UT's 30 player CTF Face server. Llama heaven but then that is what it was made for. Here's some examples of the sportsmanship or lack thereof there: *names omitted to protect myself*

Someone spammed the ASMD secondary into the opposing base, a tactic I have taken to and someone died from it. Then he types a message to the ASMD killer: "f*ckin blue ball fag" I mean give me a break. If you didn't stop so many shots with your head that wouldn't happen.

I regularly hammercamp on that server, to fight other lamers. Well some idiot decided he didn't like it and called me a "portalcamping pu**y" he then went on to spam "IS THAT THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET POINTS" and I simply wrote back "yes" because I know he was spoiling for an argument. I just wouldn't give it to him. He called me various other names, but I shrugged it off.

Someone after a match spams "sieg heil" someone should shoot the bastard. Just when you think people might be getting over racism, you see that and it makes you sick. I switched teams next game to get away from him. No way was he going to be my teammate.

Those are just a few examples. I thank God I have never seen a PuF tag there, unless it was Big_giB there. And he's not a lamer online. I don't go there too much anymore, probably cause of this whole CSHP thing and with it picking up on mods like OldSkool and AAC, I really only play in games I find at #planetunreal now, and offline games. Ah well, such is life.

I'll continue to play for fun, because if you are only going to play to win, it isn't worth playing.
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 01:11 PM   #12
Join Date: Sep. 28th, 2000
Posts: 39
Re: hmm

Originally posted by WAnk
public humilation isn't fun :P
You're right, Wank. It wasn't fun when you "humiliated" me pretty good last night on Orbital!

I think once you have this many eggs in a basket, you are bound to have a few rotten ones. It's something that can't really be helped. Although PuF isn't a clan, I believe it does represent a community of players who understand and uphold the values and spirit of competitive, cooperative team play and good sportsmanship. That's what most clans are all about, and many of them will get that one "bad egg" eventually.

Although wearing the PuF tag is open to all forumers, I've always associated the tag with those who've been around here for a while and who know what a fair and fun UT game is supposed to be. However, I'm sorry to say that I have seen a couple of long-timers wearing the tag on some pubs and while they weren't dissing anyone, they weren't always the most "angelic" players. It happens, and I think most PuFers who know who's who around here would be less inclined to report a veteran to the llama farm then they would a newbie PuFer. For me, a PuF tag tells me that that person represents good UT gameplay ethics, but at the same time, little ole me wouldn't feel "qualified" to report one when he/she is acting like a llama. Maybe I'm wrong on this one.

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 01:16 PM   #13
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I see 138 people have looked at this thread and only 10 had the balls to post on it. You guys that have backed me up on this so far...thanks.

I know that this is a public forum and people here have all kinds of different ideas of how to behave on public servers. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to run their lives. I'm just saying that if you use the name of this forum with your own, at least have the decency to think about how you reflect on the 10,000 other people here.

I don't usually hear negative things when people see me in a game as hal|PuF. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I usually hear stuff like, "PuF Rocks" and "you guys are great" (and the occasional "can I join your clan?").

It's just that lately I keep hearing complaints about different people whining and acting like idiots...and it reflects on all of us.

It's not right.

Now, I don't think there oughta be some kind of public "witch hunt" or anything... in fact I was hesitant to say anything because I know and/or have played with many of you...and I think we're among the highest in quality of people out there. There are just some bad apples in the bunch, I'm afraid.

Incidently, Nightmare, as you know, PuF isn't about your skill level. It's about your attitude. I'd rather have 100 people running around using the PU name who had great attitudes...and I'll name Boom as a great example. He's a great player and a great sport. What do you think people remember about him? He's a great guy.

/me steps off of soapbox.
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 01:39 PM   #14
A legend in his own mind
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Maybe confronting people here is not such a great idea. I noticed Roosters thread that showed logs of those using client side hacks has disappeared. Everybody makes mistakes, most people act like an a$$ one time or another. Even so, if somebody has proof of really llama like behavior of any PuFfer. Especially if this person acts like an a$$ numerous times. I really think it should be publicized. Just my opinion.

There is always the possibilty of abuse, and flame wars starting. (Though I doubt they would last for long)

I know there are a lot more than 10 members of this forum that wear the tag. All of those who wear the PuF tag SHOULD speak up.


I'm trying to think, but nothing happens - Curly Howard
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 01:49 PM   #15
PH34R TH3 WAnk??
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hey mana!!!

whats up! ggs last night fun stuff if you ask me. i don't think there was any public humiliation period, lol, those games were awesome

Mana is completely right. if you have 10000 people or whatever we have, there are going to be people who say stuff and act like wankers ( /me kicks DA ) but oh well. whatcha gonna do

oh yeah, i don't think anyone should be required to post here, i just don't think it is really that big of a deal to most people *shrugs*.
ummmm WAnk??
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 02:04 PM   #16
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I started reading and posting here at most, 2 weeks ago. I did not take long to realise that the Puffers here are a respectable lot that value fair play and encourage fun play (and a bit of competitiveness).
I remember asking what one would have to do to add the PuF tag to their nick, and was answered by a whole bunch of you, including Rooster, who welcomed me on board.... Which led to the whole lot of you welcoming me (felt good).
The great part of being a PuFer is that we support each other and help one another and even non-puffers. Recognizing the tag or even the nicks on a server litteraly implies a great and fair game.
And I am living proof that the PuF tag does not require great skillz. At first I was hesitant to add the tag, but then I realized that, "hey, it's not a skill thing, it's a attitude thing".
If there is the occasional black sheep, well, we're not out to impress people, just to have a good and fair time online (offline if you choose).
Just don't bother with LLAMAs

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 02:09 PM   #17
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cryco, as I was on vacation for the better part of the last two weeks, let me belatedly welcome you. I think I played you last night. Don't be modest, you're damn good

As has said, it'd be nice if we could get everyone to act civilly, but that's not going to happen. I think the important thing is that *in general*, most people who post and contribute a lot around here are really fun, sportsmanlike UT players. And I would hope that a few llamas here and there are not going to ruin that.
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 02:24 PM   #18
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First: ROFL @ DS's new sig Ya goof!

Second: I don't wear the PuF tag (but ONLY because it makes my name 1 measily character too long for UT ). But I'd LIKE to think that most PuFers are great sports. But honestly, we are up to 11000+ members a group with no application process, where anyone can join, we're bound to get people who act like jerks on the servers. The only thing we can really do is lead by example.

Honesly, I think enough PuFers frequent places like the Roost and such that, at least in general, anyone who knows about us has positive feelings towards us.

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Old 30th Nov 2000, 02:34 PM   #19
Poetic Terrorist
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bah, know I got balls. Big brass ones in fact. But I had to work here at the office

I'm not gonna agree or disagree, mainly because while yes I think PuFs got ideals and standards, people are also human. I think it's great that the tag PuF stands for things. When you come into a server, people know what to expect from you.

Which in a way, is why I stopped using it (or mutated into Trollpuff). Once people start to say "you're being held up to a standard by putting those 3 letters on", well that's all well and good, and I'm glad something like that exists...but I'm too volatile a person to hang with something like that. I've already got my standard to live up to with one tag, putting on 2 is like...sandwiching myself into a corner. It's just not for me.

So I guess what I'm saying is: if you wear the PuF tag, you need to realise what that stands for. If someone frags you after you've shot 6 rockets at them and you don't make the kill because of lag (or god forbid you didn't aim), don't go typing "BS", or make a comment that sounds like you're whining. (I know one PuF who does this constantly and it's not cool).

On the other hand, if you don't think you can be a "PuF" 100% of the time then just be honest and don't wear the tag. Or alias if you really wanna just not worry about any pressure. That's cool too. No pressure.

I dunno...I think we need to realise that everyone's human tho... repeated whininess or llamalike behaviour isn't cool. But people should be allowed to be themselves too.

Personally I think you should just email the people you don't think are acting right and say "hey...take off the tag if you're not going to uphold the ideals"

Clan Radium
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Old 30th Nov 2000, 02:38 PM   #20
The Farterator
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Yeah cryco, you're a good player. You're being modest.

Welcome back D_S. Good to see ya. How was the vacation? Too bad you missed my revenge of the "FAT" picture you pasted on our PG board.

I never thought this thread was meant to be a serious witch hunt thing. I just wanted to voice support of ethics and sportsmanship in UT.

(One of my old sig's

Because hey, if it weren't for Llamas? I wouldn't seem like such a great guy!
I like to fart, feels good. But the older I get, the less confidence I have when doing so.
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