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Old 17th Nov 2000, 09:12 AM   #1
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I wonder if you could help me with this. I have always used UT with my ISA TB Malibu Surround 64 card(works with every game). Last friday I took Montego II QUadzilla for a test drive on my system(works fine with every game). After I uninstalled Montego and put back my old Malibu UT began to freeze. I tried unreal tourney in safe mode with sound enabled, still freezes. However if I disable the sound it works normally. I reinstalled Malibu drivers clean, I reinstalled UT, I reinstalled DX8. Still same **** happens! I don't know what to do now. Help would be a lot
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Old 18th Nov 2000, 05:11 AM   #2
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What a coincedence that you have the exact same two sound cards that I do/did.
Umm I don't know if this is it but go in to UT settings and disable 3d audio, or audio acceleration(it's something like that) and see if it runs.

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Old 19th Nov 2000, 09:36 PM   #3
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Thumbs down Bad drivers perhaps

I have seen problems with Montego drivers in the past, but it was a different model card. They were/are notoriously cludgy and difficult to work with.

If you're handy with regedit and you have some idea what the Montego driver files were called, you might want to try searching through the registry to manually remove any remnent references to the other soundcard. Wouldn't hurt to uninstall all your audio drivers first. Or check the Montego website, they might have a tool or procedure which fully uninstalls their sofware for you.

It may be that a total reinstall of Windows is the only solution though
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