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Old 14th Feb 2000, 12:24 PM   #1
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Created a jail. Used a masked bar texture for the cells. Made them with a brush first. Looked great but couldn't shoot through them, so I used a sheet. I Can shoot through the cells but, I can also walk through them! I tried making a 'Invisable Collision Hull' in front and behind them. Didn't stop me from walking in the cell. I made sure the ICH was not touching the floor or walls or anthing else, just hanging there. Tried 1 sided, tried 2 sided. Tried playing with the brush properties, still nothing. Tried to force 'Solid', again nothing. What am I missing please!
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Old 14th Feb 2000, 05:37 PM   #2
Aridale N. Belmont
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I believe the ? here is did you try to use a sheet brush for the ICH? If so thats your problem. It doesnt matter what you set a sheet brush to be you'll always be able to pass through it. Sheet Brushes are 2D not 3D and will never EVER EVER stop movers in any case whatsoever. Making sure the ICH doesnt touch anything is a good move on your part keep it that way. But use a brush that is thick enough to make it look like you cant get all up on it. Like a good distance is 8 units thick 1 unit from every surfice. And I just completely blanked out when it came to spelling that word! Anyway. It has to be a real 3D brush that you use for ICHs not sheet brushes.

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