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Old 9th Feb 2000, 02:21 AM   #1
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Take 1 (and only 1) of the ZonePortals that for the WarpZone, and rotate it around so it's facing the other direction. Rebuild and try again.
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Old 9th Feb 2000, 07:58 AM   #2
The Flying Dutchman
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I got a huge problem.

When I try the basic warpzone tutorial (I got 2, both say the same thing) I end up with a very ugly, half working, warpzone. The tutorial discribes a large room with two little ones cut out of it. Place two sheets, set to 2side, zoneportal, and invisible, and put a warpzoneinfo behind both of them in the smaller rooms which have to act as if the are the portals.

But when I try out the room I get 2 holes in my room with very ugly flickering of previuos stuff that was rendered on that place on my screen. Right there where the mirror effect of the warpzone should have been. For example: When I open the console and put it away agian, the place where the portal should have been still shows the part of the console covering it just before. This is wrong and extremely irritating.

Even worse is the fact that I can walk through the "sheet" into the warpzone, and when I walk out again I *did* warp to the other spot. But the visuals are wrong. Besides, I should have been teleported to the other one without having to walk in and out the portal.

Is there any difference between Unreal and UnrealTournament portals? The tutorial states that they can't be smaller that 64 units. The sheet is 256 aquare, both of them are. The space behind the sheet, where I shouldn't be able to walk into, is a little less than 256 but still larger than 64 (though I don't believe that value applies to depth of the portal)

The sizes I used are 1024 w*h*b for the large room, and 256 w*b*h for the 2 smaller ones, which have to be the portal.

Help me out ok?

Peter aka Claymore.
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Old 23rd May 2004, 05:49 PM   #3
Enzo Maseratti
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I think I've found the answer Both warpzoneinfos have to be in the same exact spot inside both portals. How to get rid off the HOM inside it: add a brush in the portal's floor.

And lastly it appears that portals can't be facing the same direction ( like this: P1 -> P2 ->). They must be facing like this: P1 -> <- P2 or <- P1 P2 ->

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Old 24th May 2004, 11:20 AM   #4
Enzo Maseratti
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I was wrong............. All portals have the same shape and same textures but still, they don't work properly and show HOMs inside. Nothing that I do seem to fix thesse buggy zones.....
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