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Old 4th Oct 2000, 06:39 AM   #1
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Red face

Is it worth getting the Wheel of Time? I've read loads of reviews, but because it wasn't a very hyped game, all it's reviews were vague and short, with average scores. You know what it's like, PC mags can't be bothered to properly review games that aren't more popular than Hollywood Films, and they give 'em to crappy little teenagers to review at the end of the mag and givem crap scores.
So, from someone who actually has WoT, is it any good really? Cuz i THINK i wanna get it, i've got UT and I very much like good single players games like Deus Ex.
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Old 4th Oct 2000, 02:13 PM   #2
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Wink WOT

I got Wheel of time several months ago, but until recently didnt play it much because I was busy a lot, but I recently have been playing it , and let me tell you, the graphics are absolutely breathtaking, very cool spell effects
and the textures are just beautiful, Wheel of TIme has some
very nice artwork, real elegant medeival/ gothic type of stuff, the gameplay of the levels are very original
and dont use the same formulas as Unreal, or any other game for that matter, Head to toe Wheel of time is a top notch game, I am only about half way through the game (if that)
but already feel I have gotten my moneys worth, the particle effects are really nice ( instead of flat sheets for fire, there are solid 3 dimensional particles, same for water effects and some other things) even though it has been out for a while, I would say the graphics in Wheel of Time are very state of the art, when a dark mage is shooting a crossbow at you, you are so spellbound watching the cool blue train the bolts leave as they fly at you you forget to dodge out of the way, and they shoot you right through the heart,hehe. With the price this game is going for, you cant lose, pick it up!I havent played Deus Ex yet, but Wheel of Time is by far one of the Nicest looking games to use the Unreal Engine, also consider that Legend was chosen to make Unreal2, I think seeing what they did with Wheel of Time was no small part of that.
~The Ghost of Ohsk
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Old 5th Oct 2000, 12:02 PM   #3
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Whahay! Thanx for that Osk. I played the demo, and was really impressed, but I wasn't sure what the full game would have to offer. (vague reviews) Thanks, I'm gona get it then.
From a, er, person at PU to another person at PU, I would heartily reccommend Deus Ex. That'll last a while too.
Fear is the only pain.
Death is the only cure.
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Old 12th Oct 2000, 09:09 PM   #4
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man.. i can honestly say that wheel of time is the best game ive played dude.. its slower paced than UT, cause theres a lot of different counter weapons and defence ones.

The single player speaks for itself.. its honestly spectacular.. but the multiplayer is wicked too.. two modes of play so far (mods add two more), Arena and Citadel.. the citadel is where it shines i believe, it's like CTF only you can place your flag (seal) anywhere in your cit, and then add traps and firewalls and whatnot to stop your opponents from capping..

If your still skeptical go dl the demo.. its pretty cool.. (no cit though).. .

anyway thats my 0.02cents..

plus .. its bargain bin now.. like 20 bucks man.. . !!!
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Old 25th Apr 2001, 08:29 PM   #5
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Talking Right...

WoT is awesome. I love it! I'm REALLY wanting the Single Player mod: Redemption. If anyone else if familiar with the books, then you'll appreciate the new thing implimented in the mod: the Channeling system! And, to cap it all off, you play a Asha'man right after the time Ba'alzamon was sealed in the Bore due to the Hundred Companions (I think that's what they were.. I haven't read a WoT book in a few months.... waiting for the paperback of the 9th one). The Multiplayer is out, but I don't think it has the Channeling system in it. They're also implementing LOADS more of ter'angreal.
In a word: AWESOME!
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Old 26th Apr 2001, 01:00 AM   #6
Raucous Rodentia
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I don't have it, but I played the demo, and it almost convinced me to buy the game. It was lots of fun, the graphics rocked, and it was kinda suspenseful.

Seemed a little slow for me though.
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Old 30th Apr 2001, 10:44 AM   #7
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Cool It rocked.....

You can look at the game as kinda chess vs. checkers. While both are good chess involves alot more time. Its the same in WOT (wheel of time). WOT is a thinking mans game while UT is more of a .... hmmm to put blankly..... a non-thinking game (don't get me wrong I love UT). Imean for gods sake the yhad to put sub weapons into each number key. One spell can cancell another and if you're not carefull some darkone will come up and bite you in the arse. The multiplayer combat is to say the least exceptional.... PS if you buy the game you must download the patch in order to play multiplayer some sort of server connection error occurs if you don't.... it is a fast paced true test of skill 1 on 1. I would give wheel of time 4.5 stars out of 5. It rocked but man did it take me almost a whole year to beat that game!
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