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Old 4th Sep 2000, 01:13 PM   #1
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The People's Elbow{SM} was recently seen being an äss to one of the coolest clans I know, BHS. I know in the past he's rubbed some people the wrong way, but BHS is the easiest going group of guys I know. To piss them off really takes work.

TPE - I know you're still around, but if you want anyone's respect, you gotta knock that crap off.
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Old 4th Sep 2000, 01:45 PM   #2
The Dopefish
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Thumbs up

Agreed. His "attitude" isn't exactly comendable, with his vulgar remarks before/during/after game.

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Old 4th Sep 2000, 02:23 PM   #3
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Wink ditto!!!

To TPE: It's just a game...relax!! If you are having a bad day and are getting too angry..walk away for awhile!!
I do that on occassion. There is no reason to ruin other peoples enjoyment with a bad attitude!!

"Don't worry!! Be Happy!!"

Sorry!! Had to say that!!


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Old 4th Sep 2000, 02:28 PM   #4
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Yes, I've noticed that too.
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Old 5th Sep 2000, 10:01 AM   #5
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Well I wanted to add my 2 cents into this discussion, if only to show my appreciation to Rooster for sticking up for us. But in TPE's defense, I've seen far worse conduct. I think he was a bit frustrated because the match took so long to get started, and all of the trash-talking (if you can call it that) was pre-match and not post-match (or during,) which I can deal with. Anyway, the rest of SM was pretty cool, so don't hold this against them as a team.
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Old 5th Sep 2000, 05:21 PM   #6
Enigmatic Terror
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Elbow can get very offensive sometimes. IMHO, he takes the game way too seriously. Repeat after me: It's just a game.
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Old 6th Sep 2000, 03:22 PM   #7
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Yeah, you ahve heard it from me before Elbow, it's jsut a game and you need to relax. Have you taken your medication?

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Old 6th Sep 2000, 11:43 PM   #8
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Everybody gets far to upset about things that go on in this game. I'm sure just about everyone around here has let it get the best of them...of course some carry it too far.

Is tpe wearing a PuF tag while acting m0'ish? That would be bad for everyone.
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Old 8th Sep 2000, 01:16 PM   #9
Rumpshaking Moderator
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I think TPE is mainly a MyU guy who sometimes posts here. In my limited dealings with him, he seems to be an ok guy, but he does take it a little too seriously. In the last MyU v PuF match, we all seemed to have a bunch of fun. Ashram beat the heck out of us PuFfers (Ummmm, I mean MyU beat the heck out of us ). Just kidding, alot of MyU guys got skills, but Ashram was really dominating). Us PuFers had a great time and made friends with a bunch of the MyU guys. They are great guys and we should play with them more. Anyway, we just sorta showed up and played. MyU took it more seriously. They had squads set up, they were on RW, they even practiced the maps. They were the cool custom maps that Wes likes to run, so while we were oooing and ahhing at the scenery and cracking jokes, they were making cap after cap after cap. Even so, we had a bunch of fun and everyone really got along well.

Anyway TPE deserves the credit for MyU being so organized. He organized the squads and set up the practices and if it wasn't for TPE, they wouldn't have stomped us quite so badly. I guess that is a positive aspect to his "taking it so seriously". Anyway, there was a little fallout in MyU after the match. Some MyU guys were a little upset (not nasty upset, just sorta stating their feelings) that not enough people got a chance to play. Us PuFers let everyone jump in and have some fun, the MyU only really let their most l337 play. Afterwards, there was a thread on the PuF saying "Yay, that was fun, we should play MyU more" and there was a thread on MyU saying "We won, but so what, none of us got to play." Nobody blamed TPE, but he took it personally, resigned from MyU, and posted a thread here asking to join. Both forums were like "Chill TPE!" Of course we welcomed him and let him know that you don't have to "ask" to "join" PuF. And of course MyU told him that he was still wanted there. Just another example of him taking things too seriously. My understanding is that he went back to MyU, but stops by here occasionally. Anyway, I still think he is overall an ok guy, but he just needs to relax a bit. Reminds me of our very own Dopefish
]LoL[ Boom|BuF
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