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Old 8th Aug 2000, 03:04 AM   #1
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Join Date: May. 24th, 2000
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well i took the bait and downloaded the 425 patch.
i unzip it and it says bad or missing file can't continue.
ok-----i blow it off to frag and when i start my normal
UT, it says error starting, missing dll. what the hell did the patch do to me? (and how do i fix it?)wazoooo
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Old 8th Aug 2000, 04:27 AM   #2
The Rat
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Keep an eye on my post....Subject: Good For Ya....

This will help answer your question, too.

I asked the following question(s)................

"Ok Now If I install the 425 patch over the 420 install, can I go back to the 420 by just installing it over the 425?? The reason I would do this would be if the 425 patch did not function properly.

Can this be done, and if not what would be the best way to back down to the 420 from the 425 patches??"

Like I said keep an eye on it. If the answer is possitive, then just install the last patch you did and it should straighten it all out, HOWEVER do not do it unless it is ok to do so. It may make it a real mess so hang in there

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Old 8th Aug 2000, 10:58 AM   #3
Mr. Flak Smiley
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Looks like I won't be upgrading my 420 for a while...
" Repeat after me...I'll never, ever take on a god again." - Rugal B.

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Old 8th Aug 2000, 04:04 PM   #4
Old Fart
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Stay away from the's bad. Trust me, you don't want that patch. Epic is now working on a new patch to replace the buggy 425. 426 is already out in most servers...that's a good indication Epic realized they screwed up on the 425...besides...I know from first hand knowledge and listening to over 50 people discuss problems with the 425. Stay away.
Logic separates us from animals. Reasoning by emotion makes you an idiot.

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Old 8th Aug 2000, 07:12 PM   #5
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Join Date: May. 24th, 2000
Posts: 33
used another drive

425 screwed my UT up on c drive. while i try to figure out
how to fix it i reloaded UT on my d drive.with the 420
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