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Old 22nd Dec 1999, 06:27 PM   #1
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Are there any freeware/shareware CAD progams out there, or other utilities that will let me easily make complex brushes and meshes in a format that I can readily import into UnrealED? Just doing a search doesn't let me know which ones make brushes that UnrealED will understand... (also I haven't used a CAD program since ProEngineer in college and I'm sure the world has moved on since then!).

I want to make oddly shaped objects without having to resort to sticking cubes, cones, and circles together [img]/~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif[/img]. And without spending (much) money!
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Old 22nd Dec 1999, 11:32 PM   #2
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Nope, I know of no... legal way... to get anything like that. These are they days you learn to use the 2d editor and pray it doesn't crash.
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Old 23rd Dec 1999, 03:01 AM   #3
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Hi everyone,

I found a freeware version of Caligaris Truespace a while ago on Son of Spys freeware website:
(near the bottom of the page)

Even though it's several years old, it has a really nice, fast graphic interface and it can export models in cob and dxf format (plus a few other older formats). This is a REAL nice program.

I had problems getting the Truspace's dxf format to import into UnrealEd, so I export the models in .cob format and use the cob2t3d utility on the Unrealized site:

There's another freeware editor called the Behemot editor which is available at the PovRay site (, I think) but I didn't like it as much.


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