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Originally Posted by HeLLrAisER View Post
I disagree with the addition of the dodge-jump in UT3.

What I really hated was that Epic tried to create a dodge that was sort-of in-between that of UT1's dodge and UT2k4's dodge-jump, and not one or the other.

It made UT3's dodge feel slow, clunky and too high. It felt no where near as fast as that in UT1, and the single-dodge of UT2k4.
Try dodging your way in and out of a close battle in UT3; it's just too slow. Try the same in UT1 & UT2k4 and it feels so much more responsive. This is what made the first two iterations of the game so exciting.

The dodge felt much more useful and required skill to keep up the pace. They dumbed this down in UT3, and only tried to make up for it with a faster run speed; making the dodge (the most fundamentally important feature of the UT series) feel even less important.

What I would have liked was something new to the movement system; skiing down ramps for example?
There is a dodge jump in UT3?

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Originally Posted by UBerserker View Post
UT3 gameplay was almost perfect. What a proper sequel to the original UT1 should have been - the music also kicked ass and many of the taunts were hilarious.

UT2k4 was a terrible nightmare that I still can't forget. What the hell was up with the floaty hitscan-focused gameplay, the cartoonish art style which looked like crap and the generic music (except a bunch of tracks). The fact that's the only Unreal game I have (not for outer reasons) uninstalled speaks tons. They managed to **** up DM in that game MY GOD how is that possible

I really hate it, but it had some awesome mods

Of course UT3 has its share of very very bad things too, like the menu being slow as hell and VCTF
UT2k4 is an incredibly flawed game. Some people liked it because of that, but you can't really claim its more balanced than UT3 is, because its not. Shocktape was ****ing awful.

A game can be super unbalanced and still be fun: UT99's Sniper Rifle broke the game and it is still a blast. But claiming its better from a game design standpoint seems silly to me if you are factoring in the viability of the different weapons.

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