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Professional art team looking for pro-level programmer

So, I'm making a game with a couple of friends and we're kind of stuck for a programmer - we had a few lined up and they have all fallen through on us. The game is in UDK (Unreal engine) so the code will be in UnrealScript which, even if you don't know it you will be able to pick it up very quickly if you're any kind of good at programming.


o Top-down shoot-em up
o Objective-defense inspired gameplay
o Hordes of enemies

Thats it in bullet points, however you will just have to trust me that we are deviating from the cliche'd path heavily here and have a vision thats very different to your generic Alien Swarm clone. If you're really interested, you can read our design wiki here


Experienced Object-Oriented Programmer:

- Experienced with Object-Oriented programming
I shouldn't even really need to say this.
- Experience with games preferred
- Willing to put in the time to make sure this gets finished
Because we are, and we don't want to work with someone who isn't.
- Willing to learn UnrealScript
We're forced to use Unreal's proprietary scripting language unfortunately, however its supposed to be quite powerful and easy to pick up though.

Preferred :
Very strong 3D math
Previous (FINISHED) game projects

What you will be doing:
- Gameplay Logic
- Bespoke camera system
- Weighted-randomized Wave Spawn Manager
- Weapon and Deployable behaviours
- Possibility of some swarm-type AI work

- Problem solving


Mark Sneddon : Game Design, Art Direction, Environment Art, Technical Art, Concept Art
-- Environment Artist at Creative Assembly
Brady Jones : Game Design, Level Design, Scripting, Concept Art, Character Art, UI Art
-- Freelance Artist working with clients such as Canon and Sony
David Cheung : Concept Art
-- Environment Concept Artist at Climax Group
Ed Harrison : Orchestral Audio
-- Yes, the Ed Harrison who did the soundtrack for Neotokyo
Martin Thompson: Ambient Audio

Previous work by the team:



This is pre-production research work so it doesnt look pretty, but it shows that we've actually done something. We've been in the R&D and Design phase for quite a while now, starting to build the framework for the game now, hence the need for a strong programmer.

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