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Weapon Recoil like on Counter-Strike script?

Ive been working on a weapon and want to add recoil to it. The script I have for the recoil just makes the camera move upwards and I have to move the mouse down endlessly in order to return it to the proper position. What I'm looking for is a way to make the camera go back down to the position where the recoil started to happen just like it does on the Counter-Strike game. Is there a known script for U1 engine that does that already? Or, is this even possible in this engine? And if so, could you please help figure this out by showing a script that would work?

I would really appreciate any help since this is something new to me because Ive never seen it done on any mod.
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For the recoil you probably add a certain amount of Pitch to the player's view rotation. How about removing that amount again, but spread across the ticks of, say, the next second.

For example:
var float RecoilLeft;

function ApplyRecoil(int Amount)
  RecoilLeft += Amount;

function Tick(float DeltaTime)
  local float RecoilToRemove;
  local int ActualRecoil;

  RecoilToRemove = FMin(DeltaTime * RecoilLeft, 0);
  if (RecoilToRemove == 0)

  RecoilLeft -= RecoilToRemove;
This might need some tweaking to account for Pitch being an int value. Also you might want to experiment with non-linear falloff functions. UT3's FInterpTo is a good example for this kind of function. I think it implements exponential falloff. (Unfortunately it's implemented in native code, so I don't know how it calculates the falloff.)
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