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Old 6th Aug 2010, 06:46 AM   #1
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Need a TDM mod created- Anyone?

I am looking for professional coder to create me a Private Team DeathMatch Scoreboard MOD or if a new private UTPure can be modified for me. There are not that many mods for TDM, so I am asking if someone can please do this favor for me.

I will pay for this mod or whatever you wanna call it to be made, just I need someone who can do this for me. I know a lot of you have coded SmartCTF.. so I wanted to see if this project would be easy... nobody wants to create mods for TDM!!! grr!!!!

The way I want the mod to be made:

- Fast Weapon Switch (FWS always on) <-- sometimes utpure always sets it to false by default.. have to keep typing mutate fws to enable it (annoying)

- Accuracy,EFF, killing sprees ( with the players IP on the right side of the name, kinda like modosutilip that was released along time ago)

- Click in Red and Blue flags for both Red and Blue Teams.

- Country Flags (updated with USA,Canadian flags, Mexico, Dominican etc)

- If someone can remove the green flags from warm up mode (using UTpure7G. Also, if possible, have something like "Warm up Mode" on the right hand corner of the screen in little text.

- If the HUD can have some sort of timer for amp.. how many seconds left like they do in ut2k4/ut3

- PureStats = If possible, i would like zero ping to pure with pure stats but its not really necessary. for Weapons.. but its not necessary like i said.


ACE v.08h

There was a guy who helped create me a nice quake mod not too long ago and I lost contact with him (dont remember his name) as i got a new pc and isp... he created the shotgun/pickup util mod for me and he was a professional coder. Big thanks to him, would like to contact him again but I'm not sure Wat his name was lol.

If anybody can please review this and get back to me by email or pm me through here. I am also located in #tdmpickups #ut. I hope this mod can be made... or if another utpure version can be modified for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Serious coders who want to do this please get with me.

Yours Truly,

Johnny Sacks aka Solo
#TDMPickups 6 Year old Admin/MLUT
#UT Operator
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 07:04 PM   #2
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I think it may be difficult to find a coder to make a mod for you as they usually are too busy making their own mods to really care about making mods for others. Then again, you are paying so that may be different.

In the depths of your mind will you find solace.
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Old 18th Aug 2010, 12:35 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by Solo View Post
I am looking for professional coder...
I didn't want to give the bad news, but you will have a hard time to find one of those interested enough and "job free" enough to do what you want for you, even paid.

Also, here's an advice to catch up people in general if you're using money:
- Topic title shoud say you're ready to pay (add some $$ at the topic title and say that it's a paid job);
- In your post, bold the "professional coder" and the payment part and add again some $$.

That way some coders might look at your topic more, otherwise you won't have any luck posting like that without any sort of emphasis on the main words.

Just my 2 cents though

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Old 18th Aug 2010, 09:12 PM   #4
UT99/2004 Mod Crazy
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It's talking about ideas for new weapons. It's a bit different then what we're talking about here but I find it to be rather true when it comes to mods and stuff as well and not just weapons.

In the depths of your mind will you find solace.
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