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I started learning UnrealEd the other day, it's really cool and is easier than I thought.
I am having trouble in one part though, the Sky Boxes.
I can make a sky box, but I can't seem to make it look right. It's always huge and the moving cloud textures seem like a flat board.
I read tutorials at several sites (Wolf, DukeED and UnrealED) and I still can't solve this.
Can any one give me any tips to making a natural looking Sky Box?

Help would be greatly appriciated.

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Sky boxes are an artform. If its during the day, I use the blue-green texture, under the Shanesky texture set, for the sky background (always making it Unlit). Add in the sky and it's time for detail and lighting. For details, I usually use one or two suns, a couple of planets and whatever else looks good. Since it's day, go with, blue, green and yellow for lighting. Mountains are something that I haven't mastered yet, so I just take them from other levels, if I use them (which is rarely).

Never make the sky box too high and large, because you will be able to see the edges. Never over over-use lights, doesn't look right. Layer you're sky, it adds to quality.

And in the SkyZoneInfo, under ZoneLight, there's a part, the UpanSpeed and VpanSpeed (or something like that), they both control the speed of the sky. Toy around with that and create the perfect looking sky.

I hope I helped in anyway... come back for more.


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