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Lightbulb Unreal Championship Competition - Cash Prizes

Since there is no forum for Unreal Championship I thought this might be the appropriate place for this message. If it is not I apologize.

I am trying to coordinate an Unreal Championship competition on Xbox Live. I am providing cash prizes for the event and it will take place during the week of Jan. 10 (1/10/2010 - 1/16/2010). I have posted this on the forums as well as some other forums and I am getting some responses in the threads as well as PM. I am trying to get this information out to as many Unreal fans as possible so that we can have enough of a turn-out to have some real matches and get winners in the teamplay categories. My goal here is simply to bring this game back to life over a 1 week period and have a good time.

If you are interested please let me know as I am trying to gauge the expected participation. I hope to see you guys there!

Here is the original content as posted on the forums here:

I am announcing a friendly Unreal Championship competition on Xbox Live. The details follow.

What – Friendly open Unreal Championship competition

When – January 10, 2010 – January 16, 2010

Where – Xbox Live!

Who can participate – Everyone! If you don’t intend to compete for the prizes participate anyway because we need you.

What you will need – An original Xbox, Active Xbox Live Subscription, Internet Connection, A copy of Unreal Championship.

Rules – There are two simple rules.

1) Follow all rules of Xbox Live and your subscriber agreement.

2) Do not purposely inflate your score with the use of bots. Since this rule cannot be enforced we will be using the honor system here. Please participate fairly. I will not have an argument because of this at the end of the competition. The category winners according to the Xbox Live weekly leaderboards will receive the prizes. We all just want to have fun so I will not entertain any disputes.

Prizes – At the end of the week I will award the following prizes to the leaerboard weekly leaders of the following categories:

Deathmatch: $20
Capture the Flag: $20
Bombing Run: $20
Overall: $40

This competition will be for 1 week and there will be 4 cash prizes given away at the end. I decided to try and put together this competition with 2 goals in mind.

1) To have a good time and towards that end I would like to encourage people to take some time out from their new games and pop in a classic on the original Xbox.

2) To put Unreal Championship on the top 5 list for original Xbox games played on Live during the week of the competition. I do not intend to try to knock Halo 2 off the #1 slot but it would be great if we could put Unreal Championship, the original Live game, into the top 5 list. You can see this list when it is posted on Major Nelson’s blog.

The prizes are not the point of the competition. They are simply a little encouragement. Please participate even if you don’t think you have time to compete for the prizes. Any time you spend playing will make our competition better.

Please pass this information around. Let your friends on Xbox Live know and if you are involved in any gaming forums or communities share this information with them. Put a link to this thread into your forum signatures on whatever online forums you participate in. Help us have a great week of Unreal Championship on Live. Also, I hope to see people on practicing for the week of the competition.

So with that let me answer some of the questions you might have.

Q: Why Unreal Championship?
A: The reason for competing in Unreal Championship is two-fold. 1) It was the first Xbox Live enabled game. When Microsoft unveiled Xbox Live at E3 2002 this was the game they demonstrated it with. I, like many others, pre-ordered this game when I pre-ordered Xbox Live and I picked them up together on release day. By playing this game on Xbox Live we are demonstrating our appreciation to Microsoft for continuing to support the original Xbox on Xbox Live. As someone who still plays Counter-Strike and other great original games on Xbox Live I appreciate the continued support by Microsoft. 2) This game is not backwards compatible. You might think that is exactly the reason why the competition should use Unreal Championship 2 instead but I believe this to be a reason for using this game. I want Microsoft to know that we appreciate their continued support of every Xbox Live enabled game on the original Xbox regardless of whether or not it is on the BC list.

Q: How will the prizes be rewarded?
A: At the completion of the competition I will take a picture of each leaderboard for the categories being participated in and I will post those pictures online with a congratulations to the winners. I will then send a message over Xbox Live to the winners to arrange for payment through a secure paypal payment from a verified paypal account. I do not require any personal information and I will not be contacting any participants that did not win.

Q: Who is providing the cash prizes.
A: I am personally paying out the cash prizes. If you guys play during the week of the competition you will have made it a great use of $100.

Q: Can I contribute to the prize?
A: I will be paying out $100 of my own money. I will not accept any money. But you are welcome to increase the cash prize. You will have to contact the winners/winner and arrange for their receipt of the prize. If you do intend to reward the winners/winner please reply here to make that known so that the winner will be aware of your intention to contact them.

Q: Can the winners be disputed?
A: No. The leaderboards know all.

Q: Can you win the prize?
A: No. I do not anticipate coming in first place in any of the categories but should that happen I will award the prize to the second place position.

Q: Can someone win more than one category?
A: Yes. Not only can you win more than one category, I expect that the winner of at least one of the categories will match up with the winner of the overall category.

Q: My Xbox Live account is not activated on my original Xbox. Can it be?
A: You can do an account recovery to get your Live account working on your original Xbox. This does not affect your 360’s ability to use your account and it does not have to be recovered every time you switch consoles. In order to do an account recovery on an original Xbox your account must have a credit card associated with it. You can remove the card from the account once the recovery is complete. There is no charge for account recovery.

Q: Where can I get a copy of Unreal Championship?


Q: Where can I get an original Xbox?

If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you have any ideas on how to improve the competition then please share them. Help me get the information out there so we can all have a great time. I will see you there!
I later added a bit of additional information:

Btw, I want to let you guys know some more info as far as getting your prize if you win one of the categories. If you do not have a paypal account you should play anyway. While paypal is preferred and the fastest way of sending the prizes I am also willing to discuss other options with a winner for getting them their prize. I can send your prize as a check or money order. So don't be worried about being unable to win the prizes. Everyone is eligible to play and win as long as they have what is needed to play and they intend to follow the rules.
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