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UT Space Battle (UT3 and UT2004)


UT Space Battle is a mod for UT3 and UT2004 which adds space combat to UT3 and provides a different flavor of space combat than that available in UT2004. (gameplay is identical in both, with only sound and graphical differences (Edit: that is to say, gameplay is identical between UT2004 and UT3 versions of the mod; not that gameplay is identical between this mod and the UT2004 space combat) ) The mod has been developed single-handedly so far but I am now interested in working with others to finish off the mod.

Pages on Mod DB are as follows:

A work-in-progress version is available for download. The UT2004 version has more/better placeholder art, so may be a better choice if you are interested to see what the gameplay is like. Gameplay on the UT3 version is identical but some graphical glitches may be distracting.

At this point, the mod is mostly feature complete. There are a few outstanding changes yet to be made to the core and some new gametypes to add. Most of the programming work has been done already and a smooth in-game experience should be available for UT3 using placeholder art soon.

What I believe is needed at this point are "content creators" - modellers and texture artists, particle artists, sound artists - to work on replacements for the placeholder art that is currently being used. It would be nice to have some of this art ready for the next phase of the MSU contest but that is probably an unrealistic goal so the entry for Phase 3 will likely be using existing placeholder art with a loose aim to have replacement art by Phase 4.

I am experienced with all three generations of Unreal Engine and have been active in the Unreal modding community, mostly helping others on forums and the wiki, while also working on my own pet projects. However I was somewhat of a perfectionist back then and for various other reasons, never ended up releasing anything. I took a break from the Unreal modding community for about a year before getting back into it and UT Space Battle is my first major project since then. In total I have roughly 7 years of Unrealscript experience and have dabbled in all other aspects of mod creation.

If you are interested in the mod, and have the skills to contribute, we'd like to hear from you! Please PM me here or on the either of the Mod DB listings.

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HEH! Thats cool, now if you added some 70's / 80's nostalgia to it like The Eagles from Space 1999 and throw in some other vehicles from that era this would even be more top self.

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Bump and Screens

Just a quick update that we are still looking for talented individuals interested in joining UT Space Battle! We are currently aiming to have a "release" for MSU Phase 4. (the name is a bit of a misnomer, since there have already been numerous alpha releases, but this is the current target for a "release version" to be released.)

There are some screens on the ModDB page and of course the mod itself can be downloaded from there which will do justice more than screenshots. I have grabbed a couple of quick screens to post here for those who want something to perhaps pique their interest before checking it out. Note that these screens are not "the best" since they were taken quickly; I typically prefer to spend my time working on the mod proper rather than "pimping" the unfinished product so I didn't spend a lot of time on grabbing these screens.
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