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Question How to change TeamGame to Round Based game?


I want to turn my gametype (which extends UTTeamGame) to be round based.

So I might want to play 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

Each round can end before 2 minutes if either team has been completely killed.

I have looked at BattleModes BattleTeamArena code which does this, but Im struggling to identify the areas of code that I need to implement.

Can anyone shed some light on what needs changing to do this?

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All help more than welcome
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Old 10th Apr 2009, 01:03 PM   #2
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Do a search for "roundover" in utgame.uc

you'll see that calling EndRound(Actor); will end your round and put your game class into the roundover state. For that state you can have a timer that restarts the round after a countdown.
For more examples, have a look at game classes like UTDeathmatch etc.

Hope this helps

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