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Old 11th Aug 2008, 11:34 PM   #161
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Originally Posted by Iron Archer View Post
I think when you boil it all down, a big reason there is this big disparity between GOW's ratings on 360 and PC is the fact that Epic gave up some of it's soul to Microsoft in the process. They basically chose to end up catering to console gamers who frankly have it easy. I have all 3 consoles and a pc. PC gamers, including myself, are far more critical and notice the nuances and design decisions when they see them, good and bad. Xbox owners are far too lenient and at the time leading up to Gears of War, they (we) would pick up virtually any game that had a hint of promise and praise it as the next best thing. I still play Gears online to this day, since it's been out, though admittedly COD4 did hook me in for a good while until my disc cracked. I can only guess that the somewhat uneven experience on a pc, due to limitations of hardware, controls and online system (live for windows).
I can't assume the same thing.
I'm watching the " Forums" for 2 years now, I'm actually one of the big poster there as "HBW Knuckles - CUL 7". I can tell you that console gamers aren't less critical toward games than PC gamers are at all. Console gamers are a lot concerned about the quality of their games, but also of their services because they experience X-Box Live. I can also tell you that Console gamers are far more linked to each others in 2008 than they were on the first X-Box and way more linked to each others than what you could find on PC... thx to X-Box Live. Plus, 360 players are complaining on the Forums and do it on any 360 games. You can see that yourself on the following link how they care about UT3 on their platform. You can also take a look at the posts on the right side of the page and guess if yes or no they do care about the quality of their game (Click HERE).
- that is one difference between PC gamers and 360 gamers

The other difference would be; 360 gamers are moving in wave on the next games, what may left empty a few Online games. PC gamers tend to stay for years on a game.

Other than that, Console gamers and PC gamers are very very similar, mainly because many console gamers are also playing on PC or moved on Consoles. I don't own a PS3, I couldn't tell for them, but maybe you do.
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 02:41 AM   #162
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Well I think having more head room going into Gears 2 in review scores might not be a bad thing, if its on both 360 and PC again which do you think will show the biggest improvement in review scores over the last game? Its possible Gears 2 will improve on both but the factor to consider here is that PC has more headroom to give Gears 2 the score it perhaps deserves more then 360 reviewers.

They'll probably end up settling for a 10 if its super good or around 9.4-9.6, Id be surprised if it doesnt beat the last game considering the features we know about alone would be worth a 1-2 point buff (at the least) assuming everything works correctly at review time.
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 05:10 PM   #163
Bishop F Gantry
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Originally Posted by Kantham View Post
It doesn't need to stop there. If they released the game by the same time they release it on the Xbox 360, maybe that would help.
I dont think so, GOW would still have been stuck with the bugs most notably reseting the config and saved game progress and restricted multiplayer options, live activation failure and trying to charge for features that the PC crowd more or less takes for granted to be free for about a decade.
Not quite as dumb as releasing Halo2 on Vista only though but fairly close Microsoft have indeed tried to pulled some blunder shennanigans...
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