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Old 29th Jun 2008, 03:51 PM   #1
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Unhappy So UT3 Sucks

I browsed these forums back in the day when I found them following my love of UT(99) when they were still PuF. For some initial flaws in 2k3, I think when UT became the refined 2k4 it was the easily the greatest to date. It kept the elements that made UT epic (pun? what?) while updating it in every aspect w/o sacrificing the essentials.

I feel bad for saying that only in the last month had I finally got around to buying UT3. There had been so many mixed reviews but I figure this is the reason I got into gaming, can't just pass it up. I've been playing for a few weeks, finished the half-retarded "singplayer" aspect and since been messing around online and with the custom content that's already out there.

Is it just me or does III feel nothing like UT should? The games true calling isn't about singleplayer bot matches, but when you're doing that from time to time for some practice it is waaaaaay more useful on UT and 2k4. Even the "campaigns," where you drafted a team and did the tournament ladder (not just instant matches) were a lot more enjoyable on the previous titles.
Taking the game online, sure most of the maps look stunning when they're maxed out but otherwise are small and just don't feel like they have that flow that 99 and 2k4 brought. The whole game now just sort of plays like any other next-gen-looking multiplayer shooter. It just lost whatever made UT... UT.

I dunno, unless some astounding community content comes along that changes the experience I'm uninstalling numero tres in favor of 2k4 and 99. In my opinion 2k4 is where UT still resides. Even the modding community has yet to let up.

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Welcome back to 11/2007.
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