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3ds Max - Auto-Unwrap

tutorial 3ds Max just for learn 'How to'

Here a little tutorial to know how create a 3D model with the 2D texture for games.

1 - Create 3D model :

For Create your 3d model in a best for optimization, you must do in first just a half if you can.

The number of polygones/triangle must be very low for a game.

2 - Create 2d textures :

Create your 2d texture and past in on the element in the modifier list "UVW mapping".

click right with your mouse in UVW mapping and do "collapse to" when you are sure of your work.

see 001

3 - Create your 2d picture :

After past all textures in "UVW mapping" on your 3d, attach all yours elements to do just in only one.

when you do that, go in the top and click "Rendering" and choose "Render To Texture".

Select your 3d and click "Add", choose "DiffuseMap" and your size for the picture (2048 for a best result).

Click "Render".

Your picture is automatical save in targa format.

see 002

4 - Create your Unwrap :

Now you have your 2d picture for your 3d model.

Select "Face" click on "Edit" and Save yours coordinates UVW in the new window "Edit UVW's"

see 003

5 - Apply your unwrap :

Go in your modifier list and choose "Unwrap UVW".

Select "Face" click on "Edit" and load yours coordinates UVW in the new window "Edit UVW's".

Click on the "CheckerPattern" list and choose your picture 2d targa format automaticaly save in "Pick Texture".

Save your work.

see 004

6 - It's time...

Open a new 3ds work, merge your 3d, "collapse to" all modifiers you have create (Automatic flatten & Unwrap UVW).

Detach all elements who need to be duplicate or move.

dupplicate all elements who need to be (wheels, car symetry...)

Attach elements body rename it "body", keep yours wheels and axles in others elements an rename it "steer_wheel_LF (Left Front), steer_wheel_RR... axles (axle_LF.....)

You can place some "bones" if you know... but an animator or a coder can do that, they knows how many need to use...

Open you "Material Editor" (press "M") select a sphere and load your diffuse map in targa format and apply it on your 3d

You have your 3d model with a nice texture and who can works perfectly in game!

see 005

You can find a lot of parameters to perfect your work if you want...
You must do some tests
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Yeah thats a way of doing things but theres a quick way:

- Apply your UVW Mapping in map channel 2 ( also map channel 2 for each texture in your material editor). You can do this for each part of your car.

- At the end you dont even need to attach all. Select all your pieces, apply a global unwrap in map channel 1 this time. When you'll make your 'render to texture', you'll render map channel 1 only (where you have your global unwrap). So all the UVW mapping you made for each part in map channel 2 will be render in one single unwrapped map in map channel 1.

Then, it will be a good base for finishing your texture by hand in photoshop by example.

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