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UnrealED Char Expot to Unreal

I exported my Character mesh from maya and got it into UnrealED last night. I created my own *.upl file and threw it into the system folder like the VTM told me to...

Player=(DefaultName="Dusty Weathers",Race="Mercenary",Mesh=DustyWeathersPKG.DustyWeathers,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,BodySkin=UPaintSkins.DustyWeathersBody,FaceSkin=PlayerSkins.MercMaleBHeadAFinal,Portrait=UPaintSkins.DustyWeathersUTIcon,Text=XPlayers.DustyWeathersAA,Sex=Male,Menu="SP",FavoriteWeapon=M4Carbine.M4Carbine,Aggressiveness=+0.25,Tactics=0.5,Accuracy=-0.3,StrafingAbility=+0.7,BotUse=1)
I also edited the file in the system folder...

DustyWeathersAA="Name:  Dusty Weathers|Age:   25|Race:  Human||Data:|Ex-I-Media employee, Commander Dusty Weathers had to resign from his Art job in order to take arms against Terrotism in Isreal. Leaving his Top Secret Clearence to Agent Shane Smith, Dusty was granted the rank of Commandder and was given Ultra Bastard Security Clearence in order to detonate rockets and land mines with a sneeze. Often labled as a rich guy trying to make a litle more money, he decided to put it where his mouth is and bring down local gas prices with threat of a unified boycott. Needless to say the boycott worked and all of the oil executive-whores are swimming in thier own pools of oil thanks to Commander Weathers. He proceeded to take all of the collective funds from all of the deceased executives and built his own anti-terrorist-whore unit known as the "You need money, here it is sucka." Brigade. Rumor has it that his old co-worker now promoted to Agent, Agent Smith will be joining up with him in a few months. A.K.A. Ronald Weathers. ||"
my question is, how come i dont need to complie any data? why don't i need to run ucc make, or something? and... How come I don't need to place any of my exported *.psk, *.pkg, *.utx files into any type of a file folder structure like i did with my M4Carbine?

My file names are as follows:
DustyWeathers.PSK ( Folder: UT\2004\DustyWeathers\Models\ )
DustyWeathersUTIcon.tga ( Folder: UT\2004\Textures\ )
DustyWeathersBody.upt ( Folder: UT\2004\Textures\ )
DustyWeathersHeadTxtr.tga ( HeadMap )
DustyWeathersBody.upp ( I dont know what this file is... )
DustyWeathersPKG.ukx ( Folder: UT\2004\animations\ )

I am very confused and I need dicipline. Thank you for showing me that your Kung Fu is better than mine.... in advance.
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