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Old 21st May 2000, 10:25 PM   #1
Truth, by Banksy
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Name: {C4E}NoClanNeeded.

Server: UKOnline LMS (

Date and time: Monday, May 22nd. 12:15am.

Offence: Severe camping, text spamming and verbally abusing players.

Witness: [Ci]CrapMonger.

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Old 22nd May 2000, 08:56 AM   #2
Honest and unmerciful
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Is that Ali G character (no, not the proper one) going to be put on?


Admins, please lock/delete that topic - it is in VERY bad taste.


" ever stole a win off the jaws of defeat?
When it's there for the taking you'll find me,
I'll be dancing all over its teeth." - McNamara & McNamara

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Old 22nd May 2000, 09:57 AM   #3
Mr. Flak Smiley
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Like I say last time.. that Ali G must be Gouryella!!! Ban him and close his topic!!!

" Repeat after me...I'll never, ever take on a god again." - Rugal B.

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Old 22nd May 2000, 02:09 PM   #4
Would you like to see me dance?
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Zacc i think you will find that he is Noclanneaded is already in the farm.
alongside aziendailow.

and i am still thinking about the Ali G situation.

"Any astronomer can predict with absolute accuracy just where every star in the universe will be at 11:30 tonight. He can make no such prediction about his teenage daughter." -- James T. Adams

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Old 22nd May 2000, 04:45 PM   #5
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yup Zaccix, thanks for doing this, i was wondering what i would have to do to post that on here, Blow_Smoke or Skumboy or Selerox: Put this ***** in the FARM!!

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Old 22nd May 2000, 05:16 PM   #6
Former WeeDHead
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Easy boys easy, i put him on, but i try to have an life offline too and i don't have allway's time.

But if you got VERY urgent llama's mail then to me directy. I am not allway's see every llama topic

I Evolve with every frag more to the ultimate Genetic Llama Killer

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Send articles/rants/editorials to The Soundoff , home of the world-famous Llama Farm!

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