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Old 8th May 2000, 03:20 AM   #1
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The best place to snipe on face is go inside of your base and wait for someone to grab your flag then snipe them..The one thing I dont recommend is respawn sniping..You can say dodge and get outta the way but I have been shot alot of times before I have a chance to start moving away from the respawn sites. I do respawn snipe against bots offline lol they are so predictable...But it really sucks otherwise
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Old 8th May 2000, 03:25 AM   #2
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Finaly someone who agrees with me
It's normaly the person on the revieving end who whines about it.
I was in a game of Half Life not long ago and there was this guy there he said something along the lines of "That Gluon gun should be banned from deathmatch" then within 20 seconds of him saying it he was attacking me with it. IMO camping and sniping is ok as long as its not Spawn Sniping/Camping.
just my opinion

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Old 8th May 2000, 03:29 AM   #3
Wolf Blackstar
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If you're going to snipe, you might as well do it right and help your team out. The best applications for sniper warfare in CTF-Face are:
<LI>Killing the flag runner

<LI>Supression of enemy snipers

<LI>picking off incoming offensive players
These are in order of importance. Always keep your primary mission objectives in mind.

If you get the chance, try to grab the armor from the top of the tower. Many snipers don't always make the head shot, they go for the center-of-mass double-tap to make the kill. Armor will leave you a little more health if you take a rifle bullet, and enable you to make a getaway.

Each tower has a side that is distinctly darker than the other. This is where you want to be; it doesn't pay to be seen outright or silhouetted on the light side.

You want the tiny, narrow ledges, and you want to be as far back as possible. This hides the shells better. Don't go so far back as to lose your field of view though.

The moment you take someone down, you've given away your position. This is what the military teaches their snipers, and you'll survive a lot longer in UT if you believe this. If you've got another target that's just standing still, then what the heck, take another shot, but otherwise, pull out and find another spot. Better yet, change tactics for a few minutes. Grab a rocket launcher and help the offense, or defend the flag. Or maybe the Redeemer has reappeared.

Frankly, I only snipe when there are a lot of enemy snipers, or when someone is spawn-sniping. Changing tactics frequently keeps the enemy guessing and gives you more of the action.

Put a TL disc someplace secretive (amp room is usually a good place) and get to the ledges from the top of the tower. Remember that if you're going to snipe, you're going to be sniped as well. If someone shoots me and doesn't get the headshot with the first bullet, they've failed. The moment you take a bullet, jump off the side of the tower, switch to your translocator while falling, and presto! you've saved your ass and are back in business.

-Wolf Blackstar

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Old 8th May 2000, 03:58 AM   #4
Lizard Of Oz
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I don't play much CTF, but this may be an interesting idea:

has a decent view, you can move behind the column for protection. here's the tricky part: Snipe from the ENEMY'S
tower. Your not expected to be there, now are you?


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Old 8th May 2000, 09:25 AM   #5
Why do I post here?
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Anyone? got any secret sniping spot?
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Old 8th May 2000, 09:58 AM   #6
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Don't do it.

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Old 8th May 2000, 10:16 AM   #7
Why do I post here?
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I hate sniping...I just wanna know because I am tired of someone taking my head off and not being able to find them
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Old 8th May 2000, 10:34 AM   #8
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Truth be told--there are no good spots. As soon as a sniper takes one shot at me I have a technique that kills them almost flawlessly The problem is that when you shoot your rifle the muzzle flash (and shells)gives away any hiding place that you may be in. Within 30 seconds the sniper has suffered from a headhsot. There is one problem, sniping on face is very effective when your team has teh flag. There is nothing the other team can do but chase and teh sniper is free to do as she/he pleases. If you want to snipe, wait until your team has the flag, but if you stay any longer you'll get killed.
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Old 8th May 2000, 10:35 AM   #9
Tetris L
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Pffffff ....
*cough * cough *
Your nose is growing, Pinoccio!

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Old 8th May 2000, 10:54 AM   #10
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Yes, Please Don't, unless you are going to snipe just to get other snippers. If you are going to snipe please watch to see if your team need help with something. So many times the base is over run or something like that, that needs team help and no one responds because they are snipping.

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Old 8th May 2000, 11:15 AM   #11
The Flying Dutchman
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To tell you the truth,

- this reminds me of the Bfg in Doom
- this reminds me of the Bfg in Qauke2
- this reminds me of mines in Daikatana
- this reminds me of the Flak newbee issue for UT

It reminds me of all the sh*t I ever heard about weapons in games. Why is it lame to use a certain weapon. If I tell you right now that those sniperguns were placed into the level simply to be used, you'd be a complete fruitcake to fight that.

It's a weapon. You (probably) paid for it (I did) so you have the RIGHT to use it.

Just grow up and stop whining about weapons in general. Use them as u see fit, and don't mind the shortsighted who believe that certain weapons are lamer than others.

- sniping is a normal thing to do, why else would they have included the weapon at all?
- you can shoot redeemers out of the sky
- Flak is definately not a newbee weapons
- Rocketlauncher ain't either
- Daikatana palyers should mind their step more if they trip into mines too often.

The same goes for camping. If done right (and it's hard to do it right, believe me) it's a challenge to kick their butt. In most cases campers just sit there, and that makes them sitting ducks.

Just stop complaining plz, It's all part of the game. If you don't like it, stop playing.

p.s. I don't camp or snipe, In my clan I'm the FlagBoy in CTF, so I should know about campers and snipers.
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Old 8th May 2000, 11:20 AM   #12
Why do I post here?
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I am serious, last night I got my head taken off like 4 times and I simply could not find the sniper. I would lean out from behind my base and instantly die. I can usually find them by switching sides but had no luck.

My favorite tactic is to grab the RL and rush the top of the enemy base. Clean that out and then lean over the sides and give em "death from above"
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Old 8th May 2000, 11:23 AM   #13
I am the Hugh Grant of Thatcherism
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Ahh quit your whining... if you don't like being sniped do something about it! Like dodge from side to side quickly as you run. The sniper rifle isn't in almost every FPS because it sucks m8s.

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Old 8th May 2000, 11:32 AM   #14
PH34R TH3 WAnk??
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ok, my secret sniping spot, it is incredible! what you do is run inside the base, grab a rocket launcher, run the the other side of the base and shoot people with the rockets! this is the best damn sniping tactic i have ever seen! anyways, sniping is not my cup of tea. i guess if you really want to get technical, the best sniping spot is right behind the spawn point with your gun on their head, but that would just be gay now wouldn't it. oh no, i am a big fan of face snipers. no, really!

ummmm WAnk??

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Old 8th May 2000, 11:44 AM   #15
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I think the distinction that Ripper was making was between sniping to rack up kills and sniping to help your team. I don't think anyone is seriously knocking the Rifle.

There have been many times that most of the game our base (Face)has been over-run with enemies and there is no help in sight....everyone is hiding and sniping while they waltz out the door with our Flag.

If you are on my team and don't leave your sniping post to help at all... that will earn you a quick Rocket ride over the edge of the asteroid!

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Old 8th May 2000, 11:51 AM   #16
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I found the best sniping spot in Face to be the sniping tower. You really get a good view of everything up there. And when you use the "zoom" feature it's even easier to shoot people! So my suggestion for the best sniping spot on Face would be the sniping towers, no doubt.

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Old 8th May 2000, 12:01 PM   #17
Why do I post here?
Join Date: Apr. 19th, 2000
Posts: 144

point well taken guys..way to hammer it in
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Old 8th May 2000, 12:11 PM   #18
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Claymore is your post in response to mine? If it is, I'm not saying that I don't like snipping, I love it. I thought CTF was a team game, maybe I'm wrong. When you need help from your team and no one response because everyone is snipping, that's a problem.

If you are just making a general post, then forget this post.

Thanks Hal, my point exactly.

"Where Ever You Go, There You Are" Thunderdome

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Old 8th May 2000, 12:36 PM   #19
Das Fragmeister
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As was previously stated, sniping is part of the strategy and game in Face. There are 100s of maps out there in which the sniper rifle is a less powerful weapon. Both teams have access to sniper rifles, and snipers have the Achilles heel of having a small field-of-view and by having to stay still. One should argue that the redeemer is an overly powerful weapon. But that too, has it's strategic value and limitations.

Anyone with an translocator or some dodging proficiency, or who knows how to jump around in a random manner, can pretty much avoid being killed by snipers.

That said, there are no hiding places for snipers in Face. There are tons of shadows to hide in, but then you have to pick your shots and not let anyone see your shell casings. To effectively snipe on Face, you have to do these basic things:

1) Know exactly where opposing snipers are, and either take them out immediately or use suppressive fire to give you a few moments to do some sniping yourself. Then suppress them again, do some sniping, suppress, etc...

2) Move around to a few different perches.

3) Be prepared to move from the top tower whenever you hear rockets loading, see the "the enemy has your flag" warning, or hear someone come through the portal behind you.
Many flag runners exit through the top and pre-load rockets to take out the snipers they expect to be in their way. Being prepared to immediately evacuate is a precautionary measure, but effective.

4) Keep your head low, crouch, do what you need to do to make yourself a smaller target.

Now spawn-snipers are a different story, and should justly be hunted down. If there's any deficiency in Face, it's that spawn-points are in full view of opposing snipers.

For every measure there is a counter-measure. CTF is a team game...players that act like a team and take out snipers or make coordinated flag runs needen't worry too much in the end about camping. Communication, coordination, and using some of their own methods against them will take care of these pesky little critters.

Keep in mind, the biggest points are scored for capping flags and flag returns...hardly the meat and potatoes of the sniper. Snipers rarely come out ahead on points unless they spawn-snipe or are extremely good; in which case, they're making flag returns and become part of a team strategy.


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Old 8th May 2000, 02:47 PM   #20
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Damn, lock it up! DasFragmeister said all that needs to be said on this one!

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