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Old 7th May 2000, 05:03 PM   #1
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Join Date: Jan. 31st, 2000
Location: London
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Forgive me chaps( for any spelling mistakes) but i've just played UT while drunk and i gotta say'what an expierence'. Ya know,to play this game and not care about the consequences (win or lose)who cares. Tommorrow i may care but right now i am so 'merry' to say the least, that im just playing UT for the fun of it and with there not being any pressure tyo do well i've just kicked butt big time. yes the screen is making me feel quite ill but im having more fun thsan i've had for some time.
So im just wondering if any of you guys have had any expierence of playing in this condition and your thoughts on whether it improved your game or not. Incedently im 35 years old and so able to do this quite legally, now i guess im rambling ,alcohol does this (if you've never done this)to you but i dont care, im having a good time, So come on guys what are your thoughts on this this.
All the best

Man, ilove this game!!!!!
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Old 7th May 2000, 07:05 PM   #2
The Ping!
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Join Date: May. 6th, 2000
Location: Ecuador?!
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Ive tried it and I sucked so bad, but had so much fun I didnt care... Thats one of the cool effects of alcohol.
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Old 7th May 2000, 07:10 PM   #3
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I've been high on Mountain Dew!

Visit the PuF Home Page. hal{PuF}


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Old 7th May 2000, 07:34 PM   #4
All you have to do is smile!
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*Mute plays UT in a red-eyed, smokey-halo haze*
*Mute can't even make it out of his own base *

Mute|PuF: Rumormonger for hire.

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Old 7th May 2000, 07:41 PM   #5
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Join Date: Feb. 15th, 2000
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I've played unreal in almost every state
of mind.
/me remembers oneday me and a friend
took some mushrooms at my place..
Afther a while we started playing UT
(not planned) and never had so much fun.
I mean not that we could play.. but hell
that was funny. I was on top of my own tower
in Face and some dude from the other team
comes in. (I was just standing there..
avoiding the edges as i was afraid
of heights at that moment) He stops 2 inches
in front of me face2face. Then walks to
the edge and jumps. and left a small crater.

Hmm not very funny eh? Perhaps if you
read it while on shrooms..


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Old 7th May 2000, 07:41 PM   #6
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Thumbs up

Top tips for playing when pissed....

1. Don't try chatting at #planetunreal unless you really want people to think you are seriously odd (sorry about last night chaps !)

2. Unassign any key bindings to taunts or chat.

3. Don't put your tinnie on top of your `puter. And don't chuck up over the keyboard.

I play crap when I'm drunk. That said, I play crap when I'm sober so what the hell..


I'm NOT paranoid ! All you guys really ARE out to get me !!....
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Old 7th May 2000, 08:09 PM   #7
Join Date: Jan. 25th, 2000
Location: Cheshire, UK (no, not the rich bit)
Posts: 243

I'm ALWAYS drunk when I play. In fact, most evening I'm always drunk.
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Old 7th May 2000, 10:22 PM   #8
PH34R TH3 WAnk??
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Join Date: Mar. 17th, 2000
Location: Seattle
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i make a point to play a little everytime i get drunk! haha |DRUNK|WAnk had some decent stats lol

ummmm WAnk??

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Old 8th May 2000, 05:06 PM   #9
Blatant Bastich
Bite Me Fan Boy!
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Join Date: Feb. 8th, 2000
Location: Culver City, CA
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Thumbs down

I tried to play last night after a party we had that went on all day. I was like showing some freinds what UT was about, but I could barely get one frag . They were like dude you suck...and they were right!

I think I'm gonna form a new group!

People against drinking during unreal!


"UT is full of great people who I want to kill"
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Old 8th May 2000, 05:18 PM   #10
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Join Date: Jun. 3rd, 2000
Posts: 391

DRINK!!!!!!! OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 8th May 2000, 05:36 PM   #11
that guy
Posts: n/a

I havent played a game sober in months.

I like to take a few puffs of KB from the bubbler, toss in some DJ Micro (or other good trance) and wig out to the pretty colors.

Of course, it also improves my performance drastically, as evidenced by my 99th percentile ranking in Team for the quarter.


note: Dubious[GDI] fully endorses and encourages the use of kind buds as a performance-enhancing drug.

[This message has been edited by that guy (edited 05-08-2000).]
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Old 8th May 2000, 05:41 PM   #12
el Gato
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Join Date: Jan. 19th, 2000
Location: outside Raleigh NC
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Drunk + (Hall of Giants or Skaarg Outpost Warp Tunnel) = HUGE MIND BUZZ!

That's the real reason for those tunnels!

Blah, blah, blah...
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Old 8th May 2000, 06:17 PM   #13
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Join Date: Mar. 22nd, 2000
Location: Seattle. Happy now, Bangin?
Posts: 422

I've played drunk a couple of times, and it's a kick. My virtual self stumbles around each level just like my real self would. I usually do about the same skill-wise, but I can't message for sh!t, and I sometimes shoot my own people if the levels change too fast and my team color keeps changing.

More often though, If I'm FUI (fragging under the influence), it's in a haze of smoke.

NOTE: Mr. Smallberries does not publicly condone the use of mind altering substances to enhance your UT experience (ICQ him privately for that sort of thing.)
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Old 8th May 2000, 08:33 PM   #14
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Join Date: Apr. 23rd, 2000
Location: MN
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Red face

I don't remember... I might have... I think I have... I dont know I'm confused!!!
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