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Old 2nd May 2000, 02:44 PM   #1
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In response to the total bull**** that "Iomega" posted about his proof - let's see it bub. We believe you guys tampered with our server so you wouldn't have to play there.

And for our pings on YOUR server we had tons of PL and lost a person but we STILL played there. Please show me your proof we had better pings.

It is obvious by the amount of community scrutiny of your clan you guys are poor sports with an attitude.

So let's revisit this:

YOU agreed to a match on EACH of our servers. We played a match on yours with bad packetloss and dropping players. We didn't complain and we dealt with it. When it was your turn to play on OUR server you refused. I will accept no further LIES about our server changing maps or your 600+ pings. You guys couldn't keep your end of the deal and hence we could have made you forfeit - that is THE RULES (especially after we had to play on your crap server).

Screenshots can be doctored so lets see these demos you are talking about. I would like to see where it is going to show you the 50%+ PL I got the whole time as well as another of our players. If you had honor you would have played the second round just like we had to play the first. But winning is all important let's not forget that.

Our record with sportsmanship and professionalism speaks for itself. We have been around for 6 years dealing with issues such as this and we know a "lemon" when we see one.

I do think you guys are skilled players but bad winners are worse than bad losers and I am sure you are both.

Silent Assault
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Old 2nd May 2000, 02:57 PM   #2
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Join Date: May. 1st, 2000
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OH and btw after reading your answers below...

1. You came into our channel from the getgo insulting us.

2. Your screenshot doesn't show that me and james both had 50% packletloss on your server for most of the match. Very convinient.

3. You *****ed before, during and after the match. You talked smack before, during and after the match.

You aren't saving any face by posting those shots. It is quite obvious you guys had ping advantage in both games and refused to play a game where we had an advantage. Therefor you broke the agreement that we honored from the start. Eventually, as I said before we just played on the C1 server to shut your mouths and get it over with.

So yeah, none of SA has any respect for you guys. And I can totally understand where Whaleboy was coming from when posting his .plan.

We can argue over the SA/187 match forever but it doesn't change the fact that you guys act like a-holes.

Silent Assault
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Old 2nd May 2000, 04:41 PM   #3
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Please don't get me wrong, but where lost interrest in this discussion.
A other allready explained it, and now you again, no offense, but where are not interrested in this 187 story

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Old 2nd May 2000, 05:07 PM   #4
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Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Ya I am done.

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Old 2nd May 2000, 05:08 PM   #5
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Smoke, dude, I understand. I agree that this needs to be dropped now. We've already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that 187 as it's flaws. Coldsun did deserve the retort though following DaShoe's and Iomegas post. Instead of an explaination and an admitance of wrongdoing, they pushed the blame back on others. Whale, myself and Coldsun all deserved to issue a public response. Sorry if this gets ya ticked or whatever.

I think the vote on this matter is pretty cut and dry. 187 are assholes, it's been proven, and nobody has denyed that. We'll end it here.

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Old 2nd May 2000, 05:14 PM   #6
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Sniff Sniff cry let it alllll out !! lol

I've got your number!!
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Old 2nd May 2000, 05:15 PM   #7
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I think everyone's been given both sides of the story now.

I advise that if you have actually had a problem with 187 - email the "ladder" they are in (I assume OGL, not Teamplay) and let them know of the behavior.

If you have NOT witnessed this - then take what you've read with a grain of salt and form your own opinion. If you happen to play with anyone from 187 - all the more reason to form your own opinion.

But I think any more information from here on out from either side is only going to result in a flame war.

I felt I should explain why I'm closing this thread so no one feels I'm taking sides here.

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