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Hello Everyone :)

Just downloaded this mod last night and am looking foward to some online races. All ive done so far was practice runs on some rally tracks since the steering does take some time to get use. Im still managing to oversteer and run into fences but am getting better at it. Its too bad the bots dont seem to offer any offline practice as they seem to randomly spin out and act as obsticals in the middle of the road as I lap them repeatedly. Anyhow, is there any good times for someone in the eastern US to find some people to race (or lose miserably to )? I guess I still need to download the tracks and the cars before I can try multiplayer though but that hopefully wont take too long.
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Ussually in the evenings or nights there are a ton of people in the "Starlight" server. I also host a burnout there for saturday nights (check the forums here for the info on that). Also the "Offical" server is another good one you can find people on. What most people do is check the front page of the site and join the server they see fit or the one with the most people
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