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Post [UT200X]-Skinning : uPaint For Dummies

First of all, if you're using uPaint that came with UT2k3, you might need to patch it to the latest version 1.0.3 for improved reliability, bug fixes, etc. Also, if running uPaint on Windows98 or ME, you need to run this patch first!

Info on the latest patch can be found here

More info on uPaint can be found here and on the Right Hemisphere Upaint forums, found here

A brief overview of uPaint for the beginner.

uPaint for UT2k3 is on CD3 and uPaint for UT2k4 is on CD6 or in the CD6\Extras folder on the DVD (that's the shiny disc the game came on ppl)

First let's take a look at the main uPaint window...

This image was resized using the screenshot tag.  Click to view the full version

uPaint A-Z (nearly)

This image was resized using the screenshot tag.  Click to view the full version


The colour paintbrush is basically used to paint over an area on the character. Before use, you can adjust the brush settings like scale, feather and strength using the sliders on the top righthand side of

the window. Scale is how big an area you want to paint over. Feather basically blurs the area surrounding what you're painting so it blends in smoothly. Strength is basically the speed the colour hits the

character - The higher the strength the quicker it changes.


The texture paintbrush allows you to paint a texture from the texture pallette M directly onto the character. Just select a texture to use by cycling through the pallette.


The smudge tool works like dragging a brush through wet paint. The tool takes the area where the stroke begins and pushes it in the direction you move the tool.


The eraser is exactly that


With the eyedropper tool you can click on any of the three main character windows and select an exact colour to match that area (useful to paint another area in exactly the same style).


The line tool (when you click, drag and click again over an area allows you draw lines basically (probably good for scarring effects)


The paint bucket tool (fill tool) fills a selected area with colour - Use the fill tolerance slider to determine how much of an area gets filled.


Select rectangle - You select a rectangular area with this.


Select circle/ellipse - As above but instead it's a circle or ellipse you select.


Select polygon - Select an area by clicking one time after another until you get the area you want (like join the dots).


Select inverse - If you've already got a circular area selected this will de-select that and instead select the area you hadn't got selected.


Select none - If you've got something selected now you don't hehe.


Texture palette - If you wanna paint a texture as opposed to colour, you can cycle through the textures and pick the one you want.

N - T

These buttons change the view of your character where it's a side view, top view or whatever - They're self explanatory once you hold the mouse over them.

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