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Old 6th Feb 2005, 09:43 PM   #1
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Hints , they are free ..!

ok , somme of you may think this is useless ,

in unweel , You are not playing at NFSU , you need to concentrate on your engine sound (i do) and the track

there is a list of hint that you maybe have no idea yet ...(they are suitable for amateur , and maybe horton ? , i was winning on him anyway .. how i did ?)

distcract/win on your oppenent
go ahead , Horn them up , but there is limit at this , you could have a real bad reputation if you are using the horn all the time

put your car on reverse , (this trick is usefull against new players and inside a narow gap)
then wait the flag-guy , he will prefert to pass behind you than foward you
then , when you see him comming use your nitrous and go backward at full speed! , (in case you don't know yet , you can use the nitrous on reverse , imo , that's not rich , but that is UnWheel .... wich mean , UNREAL-on-wheel , but , sort of rhymes ..... )

in UWCTF-ROOTS , the flag inside a 90 degree shaped mountain part (miss-explained i know) , the most of players will use the nitrous and jump , but while they are in teh air , you have a BIG advantage on em , wait them on teh other side , then , you just put your car under his landing spot , OR , what i would do, is to wait that he is landed , and hit the nitrous and head straight on the root tree after i have hit him to steal him the flag of course ...
camping is for noob , and certain map should have a banning volume,this volume would souround the drop ctf zone , like 4 times bigger ,that while a player saty , camp inside this volume for too long , he is reseted sommewhere far in the map .. ..that sound fair good enought for me ...

while racing , if you think one oppenent is really anoying and you ping is not like , 600 , here , you can always do like i tryed to do to horton , but he seem to have understanded my basic trick , you just smash the guy in the background , but just is an easy word , horton has puted his car on the border , so then he could not do somme crap flip all the way around LIKE I DID , so use this 'trick at your own risk , it worked well when he taked MY CAR on the rally track , or when he taked the motorcycle ... you use him as the corner , simple enough ....but remember that if you drive a civic , don't try to smash up a train ...... (a way to talk)

Mousse steering
USEFULL , it give you a real soft handle on the track ,
i sugjest you put the blind key next to your confortable keys , you need to switch it

mousse steering is usefull while chassing , or difting , racing , but remember , that you will be feel more confortable in somme map with it , like in UWCTF-Scorched earth , this map is wide , and your opponent is playing with your plan , he can distrac you and make you lose one capture *Sigh*

don't be afraid to switch mousse steering on and off , you would like to see all the way around to see where he is going ,

The cars

i hate to say this , but they are not all perfecly balanced , they are all better on certain maps

me personaly , i drive my Mc laren f1 98% of the time , ANY maps , ANY oppenent , ANY days

always my car ,

you can keep the car you started with , but if you started whit the Super-funny-crap-hillarous-Wheeled?-Car? , the Cool bus , or again , the yellow big *** thing
crap , change car IMIDIATELLY
the funny car is the most compreansive vehicle in the mod , at handleing, accelerating , hey wait , i just said handeling? , CRAP , this car ownme up in most of all CTF maps , this car should be removed of the mod , serriously ,
sniper man love is exelerator , while horton prefert his both typhoon/Siren
what i mean is that we all got vehicle preference , so , they are maybe not perfecly balanced , but they are fine while you got good practice with

hey , i still own lot of ppl with my 'laren f1

so if sommeone say i cheat , ..... then i slap him in the eyes!

sorry for my bad english

Last edited by Kantham; 10th Feb 2005 at 09:01 PM.
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Old 7th Feb 2005, 01:34 AM   #2
Seafood splatter
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Originally Posted by Kantham
they are suitable for amateur , and maybe horton ?
Wow, so there are amature class drivers, and Horton class drivers . I guess I'm only amature though . When's the Horton Class League/Series starting?

I'm sure some people will find these useful Kantham
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Old 7th Feb 2005, 01:36 AM   #3
Seafood splatter
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Location: Deep in South Africa
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Although I do disagree on the car balance, I have spectated quite a few races where the F1 does not always come out on top . Vehicle choice becomes more of an issue in non-race gametypes though.
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Old 7th Feb 2005, 02:36 AM   #4
Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell - UnWheel Maps
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My gametype vehicle choices:

Race/Rally: Flair F1 (no duh - with teh cool black and red paint job)

Rabbit/Roamer/CTF: Smar Mobile

KOTH/K-Ball: Centipede, Race Truck or Humbug
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Old 10th Feb 2005, 05:56 PM   #5
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Join Date: Sep. 17th, 2004
Posts: 18,041
and now it seems that horton is now a pure challenge , maybe my hints?

if yes , i helped sommeone ...
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